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Free Event Ticketing & Registration Software For Nonprofits, Charities & Fundraisers

Ticketing and Registration made simpler and profitable for non-profit

Giving back to your community through charitable events & fundraisers made easier with our free event ticketing and registration software for non-profits. As a non-profit organization, you’re eligible for a FLAT 50% Rebate on your Monthly Invoice for any event you sell tickets for.

how to sell tickets for non profit events

Combine the best of event management features and revenue optimization integrations for ease of ticketing and registration while creating your charity, fundraisers & non profit events


Start off by creating events and publishing them on your Online Ticket Store.



Setup your payment acceptance method along with the “Accept Donation” button.

Event Marketing Service


Using our free marketing suite to improve your event visibility.

Real-Time Reporting


Track your ticket sales & analyse sales reports.

robust list of features for non profit events

A branded online ticketing subdomain that is fully customizable while showcasing all your events in 15 global languages.

Let our in-house marketing specialists spread the word for you and do the heavy lifting for your events.

Non-profit entities can do more through charities or fundraisers with our “Accept Donations” feature.

Revenue Stream Optimization To Maximize Event Profits

Generate event revenue and optimize your cash flow while selling tickets online


yapsody users get the following key benefits

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24 x 7 x 365 Live Support
Invoice Payment Flexibility
Robust Ticketing Platform

non profit events FAQs

  • Any legitimate non-profit entity is eligible to receive the flat 50% rebate off on their monthly invoice. It is applicable for event presenters on every Yapsody pricing tier – Gold, Platinum, and Elite.
  • To apply for this Non-Profit offer, email us your request and attach official government documentation of your Non-profit organization’s status to and it will be enabled on your dashboard.

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Yapsody allows you to accept donations from both Online Ticket Store and the Box Office. To get started enable the donations feature in your BO settings, please follow the following steps: 

  • To enable the Donations, Click on the account name on the top left corner, and go to “Settings”.
  • Select the ‘Accept Donations’ tab and enter your Merchant Email and fill the below details.
  • To accept donations at both the ‘ Online Ticket Store ‘ and the ‘Box Office’ enable both the options.
  • The Donations button will be displayed at top center of the online booking website and also at the bottom of your Box Office page

Learn more about How to Accept Donations using Yapsody.

  • Considering the competitive event market and to avoid a toll on the event presenter’s pocket, we have a feature of Passing on the Yapsody Fees to the ticket purchaser.
  • It just means letting your ticket purchasers pay Yapsody Fees for their tickets along with your event ticket price and to cover the transaction processing fees.
  • The complete amount i.e. (Your Ticket Price + Yapsody Fee + Payment Processing Fee = Total Ticket Price) will be deposited to your payment gateway account. We do not deduct our share (Yapsody fees) and transfer the complete amount to your payment gateway account.

Learn more about Passing On Event Ticketing Fees

With Yapsody, you can accept your ticket payments through online, offline, and combined payment methods to collect your ticket revenue directly in your bank account. 

  • Online Payment Methods: PayPal, WePay, Stripe,, Braintree, Sage, Meritus, PayU Money, Mollie, Moneris, and many more.
  • Offline Payment Methods: Accept payment through Cash, Check, and Pay Later methods.

Learn more about Payment Methods supported by Yapsody.

With our YapScan ticket scanner for iOS and Android, you can scan and validate event tickets by: 

  • Photo scanning using the built-in camera
  • Laser scanning for quick entry with a compatible laser attachment
  • Searching attendee name
  • Searching ticket number

Our mobile app – YapStats fetches real-time data for your online ticket sales such as: 

  • Daily ticket sales report
  • Total Ticket Sales report
  • Total Number of Complimentary Tickets Offered
  • The capacity of the Event

Comparison between Total Revenue Earned and Potential Revenue Understand more through our on-ground event day guides.

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Trusted By Leading Hospitality & Entertainment Enterprises Worldwide

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Glance through global entities carving a niche in the hospitality & entertainment space using our premium event ticketing and registration features & services.

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Premium ticketing with No setup costs and No monthly subscription. Elevate your ticketing experience and revenue effortlessly with Yapsody.

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Base Fees

Our Suite Of Services

Being an industry partner to some of the best in the hospitality space, we’ve been offering a tailor-made suite of services comprising of Entertainment, Marketing, Customer Relations, Technology Development for every entity looking to surpass challenges. Yapsody is a dedicated partner-for-success for your strategic vision.

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