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Accept & Collect Donations

Give your guests a convenient and direct option to donate for a cause.

Accept Donations

Give your guests a convenient and direct option to donate for a cause.

Non-profit entities conducting community-driven initiatives can do even more through their charities or fundraisers with our “Accept Donations” feature. Create and sell your event tickets with our Non-Profit offer without missing out on any of our Enterprise-Grade features.

driving your community initiatives made simple

Discounts & Packages

Being an NPO, you can avail of a FLAT 50% rebate on your monthly invoice for any event you sell tickets for, be it a charity concert or a community cookout.

Online payment Gateways

Accept donations easily with our ‘Accept Donation’ feature available on the Online Ticket Store and Virtual Box Office.

Invoice Payment Flexibility - Final

Also,  there are “no Yapsody fees” attached to Donations so whatever revenue you generate, is yours for the taking. 

Surcharges _ Taxes

All the proceeds are directly transferred to your PayPal account and will not be charged for in the monthly Yapsody invoice.

lowest pricing

Premium ticketing with No setup costs and No monthly subscription. Elevate your ticketing experience and revenue effortlessly with Yapsody.

Loyalty Tiers Total Ticket Sold
General Admission (per ticket sold)
Reserved Seating (per ticket sold)
Base Fees
Generate event revenue and optimize your cash flow while selling tickets online

Our Suite Of Services

Being an industry partner to some of the best in the hospitality space, we’ve been offering a tailor-made suite of services comprising of Entertainment, Marketing, Customer Relations, Technology Development for every entity looking to surpass challenges. Yapsody is a dedicated partner-for-success for your strategic vision.