How America’s Largest Saltwater Aquarium Show, Reef-A-Palooza, Maximized Ticketing Revenue With Yapsody


Reef-A-Palooza is America’s Largest Saltwater Aquarium Show. Marine enthusiasts can attend shows where they can purchase corals, fish, and aquarium supplies, as well as listen to industry-leading speakers. They educate and enlighten the public with the latest knowledge in marine animal husbandry skills and environmental responsibility. The show is packed with an impressive lineup of events that regularly showcase, giveaways, raffles, guest speakers, and enlightening Q&A sessions.


Being such a renowned and sought after franchise brand with shows located in Orlando, California, New York, and Chicago, Reef-A-Palooza needed a singular event ticketing platform that they could rely on to save time while creating multiple events spread across different cities. Not only did they expect flawless platform usage, but they also needed a dedicated customer support team to handle their high volume of queries.


Being a first time user of our online ticketing platform, Reef-A-Palooza has successfully maximized its event revenue by using our extensive feature set. Not only did they save time by using our premium features, but they also moved up our Loyalty Program ladder into Elite Tier by selling more tickets in a short amount of time.

  • Pricing: Not having experienced any other event ticketing platform prior, Reef-A-Palooza was happy to have gotten on board with us at an attractive price point. It’s understandable that being such a prestigious tradeshow, they had to test the waters before taking the dive with us. They have been using our platform for organizing various events since 2015 and haven’t looked back since.
  • Extensive Feature Set: As an event organizer of the highest caliber, they were using our premium ticketing features and payment integrations to streamline their event creating and revenue generation process. A multifarious institution needs a multitude of features to showcase their diverse events and that’s how they found us to be a perfect fit.
  • 24/7 Support: We’ve always prided ourselves to have been providing unparalleled customer service to the hospitality and entertainment industry. One can even say that our customer care services are our crown jewel.
    According to their show manager, “Yapsody customer service is always extremely helpful. Replies on chat are quick and I always get the quality help I need.”
  • Event Creation Experience: One of the most prized possessions in any event organizers’ arsenal is TIME. That’s exactly what their event management team got by using our event ticketing system. With the help of our Event Setup Wizard, Reef-A-Palooza were able to float through our platform with ease by building their custom Online Ticket Store and:
    • Created templates to streamline their event set up process and manage all events on a single page.
    • Saved time for recurring events by using the Copy Existing Event feature.
    • Scheduled upcoming ticket sale start/end times to avoid manual set up for recurring events.
    • Created multiple ticket types for more flexibility.

“My favorite part about Yapsody is their customer service is always extremely helpful. Replies on chat are quick and I always get the quality help I need. We found Yapsody several years ago and we’ve been using you exclusively since. Yapsody helped us save time, which is important to our organization. I like the way I can clone an event ticket, cutting out a lot of time and work to create a ticket from scratch. Yapsody’s Customer Support was very helpful in facilitating our event ticketing needs and is great at explaining the answers to my questions. I would definitely recommend Yapsody’s ticketing platform to others.”
– Kristine Turnier, Show Manager

We’re proud to have partnered with America’s Largest Saltwater Aquarium Show and created pure value for them through our platform. According to their show management team, “Time savings is important, as it allows us more opportunities to engage with our exhibitors and attendees.” Having saved their time and streamlined their event creation and ticketing revenue generation process, we were glad to hear words of encouragement that always helps us evolve further.