Yapsody YapStats – Event Report App Now on Android devices

Yapsody YapStats – Event Report App Now on Android devices

Literally smarter, as it is now available on your smartphones and other Android devices absolutely for Free! Yeah, but not all free things are useful, are they? You often get a whole woman free with a wedding gown, but honestly, is THAT what you signed up for? (No offense meant…to wedding gowns. You are too pretty!) So, this article aims to cover what exactly Yapsody YapStats is, why it makes work easier for an event organizer, and how to navigate your way through it.

YapStats – What it does and What it doesn’t

Basically, YapStats will figure out all the graphs, charts and numbers for you and all you have to do is create and host an event using Yapsody and download the Yapsody YapStats App. It is a fully functional event stats tracker that gives you your Daily Sales Report, Total Ticket Sales Report, Potential Revenue, Revenue Generated and a lot more right at your fingertips.

What it doesn’t, well, it can’t make a woman happy. Come to think of it, who can, anyway?!

Why do you need it?

As an event presenter, you might have come to terms with the fact that there isn’t a set of particular instructions that, when followed, lead to a successful event. There’s always scope for something new, while sometimes even the oldest tricks fail. But, if you have a tool that analyses your success rate and gives you actual figures, what could be cooler? (Note: It’s a rhetorical question, but the answer is liquid nitrogen. #funfact)

Here’s everything that YapStats can track for you:

  • Daily Ticket Sales
  • Total Ticket Sales
  • Total Number of Complimentary Tickets offered
  • Capacity of the Event
  • Comparison between Total Revenue earned and Potential Revenue that could’ve been a target

How do you get this cool stuff?

This one’s the simplest – just follow this link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yapsody.yapstats and download Yapsody YapStats on your Android device for FREE.

Next, login using your Yapsody credentials and from the list of your events displayed, click on the one whose reports you wish to view. Easy-peasy!

And another #funfact is that it is absolutely FREE (just like our General Admission Event).

Okay, the last #funfact (and I promise you this is REALLY fun) – Reserved Seating Events now come with a 50% Rebate till 30 June 2016. Create one now and enjoy the best of Yapsody!

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