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Top 5 Ticketing Features to Boost Your Online Ticket Sales

Benefits Of An Online Ticketing System

With the advancement in event technology, attendees have higher expectations from presenters. They’re looking for a pleasant and seamless experience right from looking up your event online, booking tickets to entry and exit of the event. It may sound like an arduous task to meet your attendee’s requirements, but it doesn’t have to be if you’ve partnered with the right online ticketing system. Here are the top features your online ticketing system must definitely have to help you sell tickets online effortlessly.

Create your Event: The Virtual Box Office
From event logistics and production to advertising and promotions to boost online ticket sales, event presenters have a multitude of activities to handle. A single tool for all the activities can save time and change the way you operate. This is why we’ve created “The Virtual Box Office” – a full-fledged feature that gives you single-click access to setting up your event using the Event Setup Wizard, real-time sales analytics and reporting, inventory management and a lot more. Using the Event setup wizard, you can create an online ticket store and list your upcoming events on a single page which is nothing short of your own personalized website. To know more about how to create your online store and list your events on it, go through our guide on “3 Simple Steps to Sell tickets Online

Set Up Payment Gateway System
Once you sign up with Yapsody, set up a payment gateway before you create your event listing. Buyers want ticket purchasing to be quick and easy. Offering payment gateways that are consistently quick, secure and mobile-friendly, helps attendees to complete the ticket buying process in minutes. Yapsody supports multiple payment gateway options for more than 50 countries. When making payments at the virtual box office attendees can combine multiple payment methods to pay for a single transaction. (Example: An attendee can partly pay through Paypal and the balance by credit card.) Yapsody’s online ticketing system allows attendees to buy tickets with their credit/debit cards easily from any location with the help of its secure payment gateway. This process involves an exchange of your attendee’s personal data, making it vulnerable to fraud. Hence, we employ a cross-functional team that is responsible for the supervision of PCI compliance and to avoid credit card fraud.

Your Customer-Facing Front: The Online Ticket Store
The online ticket store showcases all the events you’ve created on the dashboard. It displays the upcoming events, artist information, venue details, time and date of the event. Your ticket purchasers see the listed events here and buy the tickets online. To attract potential attendees to your online ticket store, all you have to do is upload a creative background image, your brand logo and external links to your social media pages and your online ticket store is ready.

Promote your Event: Social Media & Email Marketing
Once your event is created, promote it using the social media share options from the event ticketing system. Leverage Yapsody’s integration with MailChimp to send out personalized email invites, reminders and important updates about your upcoming events. Use effective email campaigns to reach out to the maximum target audience and increase your event ticket sales online. Read our detailed blog on “7 Effective Event Email Marketing Strategies to Sell More Tickets”.

Scanning & Reporting: Mobile Apps
Traditional ways of scanning attendees can be so boring and time-consuming. With the latest event tech gadgets, say goodbye to long queues and angry attendees. Use Yapsody’s YapScan to validate the entry and exit of attendees. Along with scanning, find out your sales numbers with YapStats. It gives you detailed reports, information about your customers, your events, and most importantly, your sales conversion. These reports help you understand where you stand and develop a sales strategy to meet your sales numbers.

With these features in our free online ticketing system, you‘re sure to delight your attendees. Apart from these tools, Yapsody also offers a “Pass on Fees” feature. It enables you to add the ticketing fee to the cost of the tickets, so your fee is covered by your customers. Sell tickets your first 50 tickets for free. Sign up Now!

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