4 Reasons To Use Online Ticketing For Planning Event Effectively

4 Reasons To Use Online Ticketing For Planning Event Effectively

“Mr. Retailer” lets out another sigh of despair as one more unsatisfied customer walks out of his gadget store; meanwhile, an online store sells another hundred smartphones in under an hour during its flash sale. While the retail stores are struggling to dodge the bumps on the roads, online markets are breaking a leg at the highest peak of Mt. Everest. So why do some presenters still rely upon the conventional ticketing strategies for their events? If you are one of those presenters, then here are all the right reasons why you should immediately switch to online event ticketing for planning your event effectively:


Gone are the days of setting up stalls and booking windows to sell your event tickets. Now, all you need is a computer and a working internet connection to get all your event ticketing done right at your fingertips. Plus, you won’t have to deal with angry customers as you put up a “Sorry, We Are Closed” sign. As long as you (and also your wife) are okay with it, you can keep up with the managing of your online ticket sales even at 3 AM. All the hassle of driving around town to distribute tickets to vendors and later returning to collect the unsold ones is saved. Also, you can cover a larger audience without even having to shift in your own chair. Anyone sitting in any corner of the world can buy event tickets without having to physically come down to any office or vendor. And for the cherry on top, online information and interaction are speedier, cheaper and more convenient as compared to offline. You can provide your customers with a truckload of information online and it won’t even take them hours of waiting in long queues to give their feedbacks.


Yapsody allows you to manage all sorts of dealings regarding your online ticket sales under a single roof. With the kind of extensive and easy-to-use features that we offer you, you can track sales, deal with cancellations, interact with your customers, provide services to your sponsors, and do everything else that an event covers (and sometimes, even more) in one place. You can add discounts, surcharges, and taxes to your events, sitting right there with a coffee mug staring at your laptop skin – not to mention, collecting the ticket sales in your local currency while dealing in your local language too! Could it BE any simpler?


This is where we get to a major point in the process – how do I make sure I’m maximizing the benefits of Yapsody’s many features? Take advantage of the free opportunities we have to help you to promote your logo, advertise your next event and display your sponsors all on the e-ticket itself. Also, don’t hesitate to create multiple events because we got you covered on that front, too, as your customers can shop for events exactly like groceries, loading lots of them in their shopping carts all at once with one payment at the end. And check out our Social Media platforms for your promotions.


Now, this might look like a cheesy school essay, but we can’t ignore the amount of havoc we’re causing in nature. Online ticketing is a much greener way to sell tickets, as you’ll be cutting down on the unnecessary wastage of paper by allowing your customers to store tickets on their mobile devices. And I don’t see any harm in choosing it as an alternative when you’re getting all the advantages of using the internet for event ticketing and also doing your little part in making this world a better place to live in.

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