Enhance Attendee Experience with Yapsody’s Game-Changing Mobile Apps

Enhance Attendee Experience with Yapsody’s Game-Changing Mobile Apps

Event technology has changed significantly in the last few years. From standing in a queue to booking tickets online, attendee experience just gets better by the day. A lot has changed for the event presenters too. Using an online event ticketing system, they can create events, promote it online and increase the reach to the right audience to sell tickets online. It doesn’t stop here! Mobile apps have brought a remarkable change in forecasting sales through analytics as handling logistics on the day of the event.
In this blog, you’ll learn about 3 of our proprietary mobile applications that are a must-have for event presenters to enhance their attendee’s experience

Presenters no more have to stand with a manual checklist to validate their attendees at the entrance of the venue. Imagine how time-consuming that is. To help event presenters save time, Yapsody designed a mobile app that easily scans your event attendee’s tickets in no time, giving them a seamless experience right before the event begins. Tickets can be validated in 4 ways using your Android/iOS(iPhone / iPod Touch), both online and offline:

  • Photo scanning using the built-in camera
  • Laser scanning for quick entry with a compatible laser attachment
  • Search by attendee name
  • Search by ticket number

Event presenters need real-time data to quickly assess the situation and develop a plan to meet the goal. YapStats does just that. It gives you real-time statistics about your online ticket sales for the event directly on your Android/IOS device. With instant reports and real-time tracking, you can alter your sales strategy to boost ticket sales. When event presenters have multiple accounts, it becomes challenging to keep a track of all the activities and the sales conversion for every account. With the YapStats app, track ticket sales for every account in a jiffy. Using a single app, conveniently track real-time stats for any account, any event from any location. Let’s say, you have 10 accounts with Yapsody and multiple events for each account set up at different locations. Using the YapStats app, you can track real-time sales data for each event across all accounts and access key event-related information at your fingertips.

Mobile Optimized Online Store
The benefits of a mobile-optimized online ticket store are endless for the event presenters. It is even better for those who want to buy tickets online. They don’t have to necessarily hunt for a desktop to purchase event tickets online. They can buy their tickets from anywhere using our mobile-optimized online store. What this means is our online stores can be accessed seamlessly using the browser on a ticket buyer’s mobile to purchase tickets. This helps people to buy tickets on mobile without the need to download a specific mobile application for it.

Using these mobile apps and mobile-friendly online store interface, you’ll save time, money and give your audience the experience they look for at every event. Apart from the powerful mobile apps, we offer an online ticket store and virtual box office to help you plan, promote and sell tickets online in minutes. You’re 3 steps away from creating your account with Yapsody. Sign up Now! Sell your first 50 tickets for free and free access to our mobile apps!

For those looking to up their technology through branded digital solutions, do check out our technology development services.

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