4 Ways That Help People Donate To Your Cause

Yapsody Event Ticketing - Ways that help people donate to your cause
Yapsody Event Ticketing - Ways that help people donate to your cause

Charities or fundraisers are an amazing social glue that brings the community together and binds them by sharing and caring for each other. However, if you’re a new event organizer on the block, it might be tough to get the ball rolling. To help people donate to your cause, you need to increase the online visibility of your nonprofits

Here are 4 ways to help people donate

1. Sign A Petition

There are hardly any organizations that go door to door asking for donations. Launching online petitions that supports your cause is a great way to spread the initial awareness about your upcoming fundraiser events. Don’t forget to share it on all your social media channels and your personal network. Remember, charity begins at home. 

2. Launch A Fundraiser

As a newbie to the fundraising event scenario, it might be overwhelming to organize and market your events. However, with Yapsody by your side, event creation, selling tickets, and accepting donations becomes a cakewalk. Don’t just take our word for it, read more about our event ticketing features recommended by nonprofits before you sign up with us

3. Make It a Free for All Event

Organizing a free for all event makes it open for all and helps more people to donate to your cause. You cannot expect people to pay your entry fee and also make an honest donation. Remember that every dollar counts and making it a free entry event works to your advantage. Yapsody is free for free entry events which means ZERO ticketing fees from your pocket. 

4. Increase Event Visibility On Social Media 

Make it easier for your community to donate to your cause by sharing your events online. With our event ticketing platform, it’s easy to share your events on Facebook and Twitter and gain momentum in further helping people donate to your cause online. 

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