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tech development service

We build digital solutions to solve intricate challenges faced in the hospitality & entertainment industry.

Our decades of experience with providing technology services to casinos has helped us revolutionize the way customers interact with enterprises. We are always looking for brilliant ideas that would help all clients to prosper through technology and automation. Let us know what you have in mind.

Translate Your Ideas Into Flawless Digital Solutions

Mobile Apps

Plan &

Identify the gap in your current process and evaluate digital solutions.

Database Management


We inch closer to success only after understanding your core requirements.

Web & Desktop App

Engineering &

The magic happens here with a few eureka moments & under the hood developments.

Mobile Apps

Testing & Optimization

We do multiple & thorough checks to ensure products are bug-free through using-advanced testing tools.

Web & Desktop App


Your vision for value add-on is ready through our custom-built solutions

Our Areas of Expertise

Database Management

Database Management

Database Management

We safe-keep your mission-critical applications and drive high-performance operations through our full service database administration to scale efficiency in collecting, managing, analyzing and processing the data while ensuring high security, availability and performance.

Mobile App Development

We build and transform hospitality and entertainment businesses by taking the product from vision to reality.

Our expert mobile app developers follow a process that’s designed to give you the best shot at success.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Apps We've Built For Yapsody's Event Ticketing Clients

YapScan converts your smart phone into a smarter ticket validating machine for scanning attendees’ e-tickets

QR Code Ticket Scanner - SVG

YapStats generates reports on your total ticket sales, day-wise sales, unissued tickets, potential & actual revenue and more.

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Web & Desktop App

Web & Desktop App

Web & Desktop App Development

Led by design and powered by technology, our experts follow global compliances to create value-adding cross-platform web and Electron apps for your guests and internal teams. Create custom-designed solutions that matches your brand persona.


Your vision and goals is matched by our expertise to help you choose the right solutions and navigate the complex digital landscape to scale your business to new heights. With our cost-optimized solutions, your value add to the industry increases manifold.



why choose Yapsody for product development

Timely business decisions to help you grow your business, make your company more efficient and increase your bottom line.

Five decades of collective tech & product development experience in the entertainment & hospitality industry

Easy to maintain tech components & architecture that can be updated and scaled with minimal maintenance in the future

Compartmentalize logical parts of your business into pre-tested micro-service components for greater agility and faster deployment cycles.

Thorough testing of every app and website developed for long-lasting stability & performance

Global standards of data security and compliance followed for all our services & development processes

Our Suite Of Services

Being an industry partner to some of the best in the hospitality space, we’ve been offering a tailor-made suite of services comprising of Entertainment, Marketing, Customer Relations, Technology Development for every entity looking to surpass challenges. Yapsody is a dedicated partner-for-success for your strategic vision.