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Tips To Improve Your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy In 2021

Tips To Improve Your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy In 2021

LinkedIn was earlier perceived to be a business-only networking platform for B2B products and services along with a job board for industry professionals. Come 2020, online engagement has pivoted to an all-time high with LinkedIn taking the cake for professionals and new job seekers looking to connect with the right job. Needless to say, this opportunity was too good to miss for brands and industry leaders to jump on the bandwagon and make their LinkedIn high traffic, people-centric, and valuable platform. 

Compared to Facebook, LinkedIn has become every social media strategist’s favorite for B2B lead generation along with B2C companies following suit to help them expand their lead generation channels. So, whether you’re a B2C or B2B business looking to diversify your digital marketing through Linkedin, here are a few tips to live by. 

Here’s How You Can Improve Your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy: 

1. Optimize Your Profile

Although there is no one shoe fits all LinkedIn strategy for success, keeping your brand or professional profile top-notch is the first step. When it comes to social media, think of LinkedIn as the best attire you’d dress up in which not only grabs attention but also leads to a conversation. Start with high-resolution logos and backdrops, company information, links, location, specialties, and company size. 

We optimize your brand’s social media presence to engage audiences. with valuable conversations. Our world-class SMO services cover content & social media strategy, development and execution, social media analysis, and content production.

2. Create Value-Adding Content

According to SproutSocial Stats, 96% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for organic content distribution and 83% for paid social, making it the top most-used platform in both content distribution types.

Needless to say, there are a lot of instances where professionals tend to plagiarize content to flex their influence and knowledge. It may be a short-term claim to fame but for a long-term strategy, it’s crucial to have your personalized content calendar which resonates with your LinkedIn network. Value-adding content includes anything that informs, inspires, guides, or just entertains from time to time. 

3. Encourage Employer Branding

Your employees or team are the torch bearers of your company. Many a time potential hires and clientele like to hear from the people working behind the scenes. Which in this case, are your employees. When every employee lists your company on their profile, it automatically sticks your brand name to their profile like a magnetic badge.

Also as part of your employer branding campaigns, you can entrust your in-house industry-level experts to create resources and articles which can be propagated through LinkedIn. 

4. Use Personalized Messages

What works for Instagram and Facebook might not work on Twitter as each platform dictates its own algorithm for displaying posts on its feed. Our social media advertising strategy lets you navigate the professional communication and messaging requirements of LinkedIn.

Needless to say, the communication is aligned to bring out the best of your brand persona to avoid bland corporate lingo whether it’s a simple text-based status update or a crafty personal InMail to potential clients. 

5. Use Different Content Variants

Over time, LinkedIn has evolved into a social media platform that mimics many of its’ counterparts. Having introduced diverse content variants, many digital marketers are now able to bring out detailed business aspects through live Q&As, polls, ads, carousels, question-based posts, videos, images, and broadcasts. 

Contact us to learn which format can be best tailored to your brand. 

6. Utilize Your Analytics

No digital marketing activity out there completes a full circle without analytics to measure its effectiveness. With data analytics and demographic insights, you can propel your LinkedIn as an active hub for driving engagement and eventually improve your lead-generation funnel.

Looking to spruce up your LinkedIn act? Through our tailored Social Media Marketing (SMM) & Social Media Optimization (SMM) services we have been creating a continuous cycle of engagement through social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Through a plethora of advertising, post engagement, and campaigns, we help your brand create a strong recall on this networking giant called LinkedIn. 

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