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Tips For Optimizing & Marketing Your Brand On Instagram

Tips For Optimizing & Marketing Your Brand On Instagram

Instagram has steadily become the go-to social media platform for many products and services to market themselves in a visually engaging manner. According to Sprout Social’s social media demography 2021,  there are 1 billion active Instagram users with the largest age group falling between 25-34. These are the groups that are most active on their devices and are capable to make buying decisions on the go. 

Whether or not you’ve established your lead generation targets strictly through your website, Instagram is a worthy platform for improving your conversion cycle once you enhance your SMM strategy along with SMO.  

Here’ How You Can Optimize and Market Your Brand On Instagram

1. Switch To A Business Profile

First things first – switch your Instagram A/c from a personal profile to a business profile which will give you access to a whole new batch of features, CTA’s, contact button, and analytics dashboard. Apart from getting one step closer to getting the Instagram blue tick, you can choose to run ads as well which will help you reach out far and wide for that initial push. 

2. Update Your Account Meta Data

After switching over to the business profile, the next step is to optimize your Instagram profile by getting the basics right. Make sure your brand bio is depicted in a crisp and reader-friendly way. Ensure your brand logos are high resolution along with website links and relevant hashtags. With many landing page tools such as Linktree made freely available, it’s easy to avoid clutter and make user navigation easy.

You can easily make them land on the feature or offer page as per your current business or campaign requirements. 

3. Stick To Your Instagram Calendar 

Shining on Instagram is a long-term digital marketing strategy. Part of optimizing your Instagram for stable growth involves regular posting and content creation. 

Define and choose your brand goals from online presence, brand awareness, customer engagement, or lead generation and then create a social media calendar that fulfills those goals. Part of our SMO services involves strategies for your audience targeting, organic campaigning, and insightful reporting structure. 

4. Visually Rich Content Wins

Instagram is a visually rich platform and only those professionals or brands with striking visuals and strong storytelling skills can hope to breakthrough. Over time, this platform has evolved through many phases and has provided its community a myriad of content and visual formats to experiment with.

Visually Rich Content Wins

Now that Facebook and Instagram are basically the same entity, they share the same ad platform which allows marketers to leverage cross-promotional opportunities through different content formats. 

Visually Rich Content Wins - Instagram Stories

5. Leverage Instagram Stories & Highlights

It is all about actions and reactions. You can only hope to keep your SMO efforts alive if you garner reactions from your followers. With Instagram stories occupying the top navigation of everyone’s feed, you can simultaneously engage and gauge their reactions to each post that you add to your stories. Adjust your strategy accordingly and optimize for maximum engagement.

You should also add those stories into the highlight sections for your new audiences. It is a neat way of optimizing your past campaigns into one section of your Instagram profile.

6. Stick To Your Brand Persona

Be original, even if it means putting out less content. Make sure you are sticking to the main plot of your brand guidelines which creates a unique recall for all your followers.

7. Double-Check Your Captions

An easy-to-miss action that can have a ripple effect on your brand image. Always double-check your post and story captions to avoid getting cast as a lazy brand that doesn’t bother. Puns and smart double innuendoes are always welcome considering your brand communication has been wired to act in that manner. 

8. Engage With Your Followers

Your brand narrative does not end at posting stories and highlights. Reply to comments and reactions will up your engagement rates by a huge margin. Whether it’s a grievance or a complement, address it in a timely fashion and stay in their good books.

Although stories and short-form videos make for the most engaging formats for brands as binge-watching content amidst the pandemic grew, carousels remain the most engaging one as your users have to swipe through to view the post in its entirety.  

9. Keep An Eye On The Analytics

Stable growth on any social media platform is possible through data and insights, hence it’s crucial to keep an eye on your analytics. 

According to Instagram’s Help section: 

  • You can use Instagram Insights to learn more about overall trends across your followers and your content’s performance with your audience. 
  • You can view insights for specific posts, stories, and IGTV videos you’ve created to see how each one performed and how people engaged with them.
  •  Insights are free and available only for business or creator accounts.

Looking to make an impression on Instagram? Through our tailored Social Media Marketing (SMM) & Social Media Optimization (SMM) services we have been creating a continuous cycle of optimization and engagement.

Through our audience benchmarking, targeted advertising, optimization, and engagement tactics, your brand can shine and achieve Instagram success.

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