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Crafting Effective Website Content In 5 Steps

Crafting Effective Website Content In 5 Steps

Your brand website is a 24/7 online real estate that is further enhanced by CRO and content marketing techniques to drive more traffic and bring back existing customers thereby increasing retention rates. Although there are a lot of elements that go for a website, content is at the forefront creating an impression on your website visitors and do wonders for your business when done right. 

Here’s How You Can Craft Effective Website Content In 5 Easy Steps:

  • Identify Engagement Hotspots

If you’re planning for a brand new website from scratch, map out all the engaging hotspots and sections that might have a compelling effect on your user base. The communication style on your homepage, blog, sign-up page, feature page, and testimonial section will each serve a distinct purpose but work in tandem with each other for a smooth client lifecycle.

If you’re someone who’s planning to revamp a website, a thorough content audit is required to document the dos and don’ts before picking up the pen to craft content. As part of our Digital Marketing services, we prefer to use industry-leading tools such as Google Question Hub to identify content gaps online and gather insights to improve your website content. 

  • Build Buyer Personas 

Which audiences are you targeting to pull to your website? If you end up drafting content without your user personas in mind, it might have a skewered effect on the final website content. Start by identifying your target audience and segregate them into different personas.

If you’re a fitness-based app, you might have different plans such as Beginner, Intermediate, Professional, and Athlete where your communication guidelines will differ vastly. Once you’ve identified such key audiences peculiar to your brand, it’s time for your content marketing and UX teams to take it from there. 

  • Keep Track Of Trends 

With the ever-evolving internet ecosystem, brands have to keep track of the latest trends that will enhance their user experience journey further. If you’re looking to craft website content in 2021, do check out these 5 2021 CRO trends that will not only help you stand out but also improve your bounce rates and website engagement, and stickiness.

For example, mobile devices generated close to 75%-80% website traffic in 2020 according to Statista. Mobile usage has surged in 2020 and continues to do so in 2021 which means brands will have to focus on mobile-friendly content. Use byte-sized content formats such as web stories, polls, infographics to make your website content strategy simple yet impactful. 

  • Optimize For SEO

SEO involves a collective arsenal of tried and tested techniques that help your brand website rank higher on search engines. Your content might be great but if it’s not optimized for search engines, you’ll lose on potential leads that are looking out for your products or services. Compelling content written with targeted keywords can do wonders for your website on the SERPs.

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  • Invest In Content Marketing

Content is not something that you can cook up overnight and serve on your website. Careful analysis and strategy through powerful tools like Google Analytics will give a birds-eye view of your users and help strategize your website content accordingly

Content marketing plays a crucial role in your overall digital marketing success by driving website traffic, creating authoritative content pieces, lead generation, and brand visibility. If your websites and landing pages are not performing to their full potential, our content optimization specialists will help you do so with a tailor-made content strategy and UX analysis to derive the right mix of website content placement resulting in an effective website with better conversion rates.

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