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5 Tips For Writing The Best YouTube Descriptions

5 Tips For Writing The Best YouTube Descriptions

Social media video marketing has evolved through multiple channels and formats over the years. One thing which hasn’t changed is YouTube’s dominance when it comes to being the largest video search engine and one of the largest community of creators, influencers, and brands.

What makes your YouTube videos tick apart from great storytelling is the video description that you curate. A combination of well-written descriptions with the right keywords and a human touch can do wonders for your video reach and views.  

Here Are 5 Tips For Writing The Best YouTube Descriptions:

1. Create SEO-Friendly Descriptions

Choose keywords that accurately describe your video content and include them in your video description and title. Put all your important keywords at the beginning of your video description but make sure you avoid irrelevant content. YouTube’s algorithm prioritizes the beginning of your description so ensure that your introductory sentences are drafted right. Consult with our SEO specialists for a refined strategy on this. 

Pro-Tip: Use tools like Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner to get started with brand and video-related keywords that will help you curate the description easily. Use the later half or “Show More” field to describe your video or channel in detail.

Create SEO-Friendly Descriptions

Create SEO-Friendly Descriptions

2. Match Description With Your Video Title

You get 5000 characters to beautify your YouTube video descriptions but it’s crucial to make those first 200 characters count. Make sure the video title is compatible with the initial few opening lines of your description to maintain a comprehensive flow of things. Consider the mobile views as well.

Match Description With Your Video Title

Remember, that the intent of your video is not for the viewer to read your video description or titles. The intent is to make them click on your video and watch it in its entirety and for that to happen, your title and description play a huge role in compelling them to click on your video. 

3. Create Descriptions That Are Viewer-Friendly

Write like a human as your viewer is most likely not a bot. Creating complex or abstract video descriptions can backfire leading to your subscribers losing interest in your video. 

To make it more viewer-friendly, make it more interactive by:

  • Use time-stamps to help viewers skip to their choice of your video.
  • Link relevant video playlists that will encourage viewers to check out other content buckets of your channel
  • Include a limited-time offer or brand affiliation link that would benefit your subscribers or new viewers.

4. Use Relevant Hashtags

Similar to your keywords that help your SEO, using video relevant hashtags and brand-specific hashtags will help viewers find your video when they’re searching for a specific hashtag (#)

Pro-tip: A little goes a long way so try not to include all the possible hashtags related to your video. Stick to the ones that broadly summarise your YouTube video. So if your video is about a Guide To Creating Safer Live Events, your hashtags could be #LiveEvents #Guides #SafeEvents. The descriptions of such videos could also link to your blog or resources section in case your viewers’ are interested in learning more. 

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5. Don’t Forget Your CTA’s & Social Handles

At the end of it, YouTube is a highly social platform and video viewing forum. Engaging through community forums involves the knack of placing and giving the right direction to your audiences. 

The intent of your video matters quite a bit when it comes to choosing the right CTA and social media handles. Choose to display all your social media handles at the end of the description as a standard practice and also links to your website if need be.

These are particularly helpful if you’re trying to garner more engagement or trying to divert traffic on your social media for any marketing campaign. Check out these 5 Quick Tips That Will Help Improve Your YouTube Engagement.

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