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Process Operation Standard

We deliver the right solution for each brand and its customers. We help our partners define the best strategy to deploy an efficient and unique operation.

We ensure our teams have everything they need to focus on delivering an outstanding customer experience during each and every interaction.

We consistently monitor our operations to guarantee the best results. Yapsody team follows the schedule adherence effectively and excel in operations to achieve solid overall performance and exceed expected results.

Yapsody improves performance and quality by enabling operational Team leaders to spend 70 -80% of their time focused on feedback and coaching. This result is achieved through structured HDI & ITIL processes that provide consistent assessments of agents’ results.
All operational key performance indicators (KPIs) are positively impacted by Yapsody as well as employee, customer, and client satisfaction levels.

By defining, sharing, and implementing worldwide best HDI practices, Yapsody assures consistency and quality in all its operations.

Key features of Process Operation Standard:

  • Internal Quality Auditing: We have an in-house Quality Assurance Team and they audit all Customer Interactions taking into account the Customer Critical, Business Critical & Compliance Critical Accuracy, and identify areas of improvement. This feedbacks are shared with the Customer Relations Agents so that they can improve and perform exceptionally.
  • Reliable Customer Relations Team: We hire experts/specialists from the support industry who have worked with international brands across the globe. They are regularly trained on industry practices so that they can keep delivering exceptional services.
  • HDI & ITIL framework: Our Support Team is operating under the HDI & ITIL framework which is industry-recognized for best practices. They are regularly cross-trained so that they keep performing at an optimal level.

frequently asked questions

We use Zendesk which is one of the leading Customer Support Softwares. We create a multi-brand functionality for your business by hosting separate subdomains for 24/7 Chat, Email, Phone & Knowledge Base.

  • Our dedicated Account Manager will first understand your Customer Support Relations requirement and plan out a quick onboarding model.
  • On average, it takes around 24 – 72 hours to set up the Support Workflow after our Account Manager connects with you, however, depending on your requirements the onboarding duration can be tailored.
  • Through the onboarding model, we train our Support Employees to understand your business needs and operational needs.
  • For setting up your Tech Support, it takes us 2 – 3 weeks to onboard a dedicated Tech Support Agent within 72 hours for answering your technical queries.
  • We first get in touch with your business team to understand the requirements and proceed with the necessary documentation.
  • Our dedicated Support Delivery Leader then sets up an Internal guide for the Support Agents using Zendesk Guide, where all your business operations are documented with a flow chart.
  • Our Internal Guides is used to train the new Support Agents faster and is updated on an ongoing basis so that it is up to date 24 x 7.
  • You can expect monthly Client Effectiveness Reports related to your hotel rooms, accommodation, pricing feedback, or any general feedback.
  • We also have a Feedback Mechanism Process where all your customer’s feedback is categorized and documented in a centralized database.
  • We send you the VOC report, Production Report, and Service Level Report which are highly requested by all our clients.
  • We send you a Monthly SLA Report for each channel which covers monthly Service Level numbers like Chat SLA, Email SLA & Phone SLA.
  • To operate this efficiently we have set up an ITIL Service Desk Framework to follow the Bug Escalation process as per the Business priority.

Our Suite Of Services

Being an industry partner to some of the best in the hospitality space, we’ve been offering a tailor-made suite of services comprising of Entertainment, Marketing, Customer Relations, Technology Development for every entity looking to surpass challenges. Yapsody is a dedicated partner-for-success for your strategic vision.