How Can Webinars Improve Your Onboarding & Sales Funnel

How Can Webinars Improve Your Onboarding & Sales Funnel

The idea behind Onboarding is simple – first impressions make a lasting impression no matter which product or service that you’re offering. However, those thoughts and impressions which will be embedded in your clients and customers need to be simple, straightforward, and valuable. If done right, your brand will reap the long-term benefits of sustainable growth and retention. 

Here’s How You Can Use Webinars For Onboarding & Improving Your Sales Funnel

  • Set The Right Tone & Expectations

Of course, your clients and customers are eager to jump straight into it. But through a webinar as an introductory passage, you can set the tone, expectations, and outcomes that they can encounter. As part of an onboarding process, this helps them to enroll in the learning process directly and streamlines your end-user experience.

  • Nurture Your Leads 

Now that they’ve subscribed to your brand, there might still be a few who are not completely sold. A well-structured webinar with subject matter experts can help determine if a lead is Cold, Warm, or Hot and accordingly nurture them so that they can be converted as a sale on the webinar or at a later stage.

At Yapsody, we’ve implemented strong sales generation & onboarding programs all over the world based on our exceptional processes. All your Sale Leads are routed to the specialized Sales Agent and they arrange an Outbound Call to Onboard the clients.

  • Encourage Questions & Doubt Solving 

Introducing your clients to your product or service via webinars creates a stage for them that encourages a healthy discourse on any queries or doubts they may be having. Webinars are quite important here as they will clear instant product doubts and your clients are onboarded to your brand quickly. 

  • Feature Demonstrations & Service Requests 

While demonstrating your features in detail through a webinar, it will also help your dedicated rep or subject matter experts to take feature requests and offer a workaround time for expecting a feature update to be rolled out.

  • Product & Service Use Cases

This is the last layer of your onboarding process where you take your prospects through product and service case studies that they can relate to. A case study promotes early adoption of your features and services on a ground level and amplifies your lead conversion rate.

Our Support Services deploys specialized Subject Matter Experts who conduct regular webinars on an on-demand basis to demonstrate your product/app usage. We deep dive into your products before conducting demos and use cases.

  • Feedback Gathering

The key to ensuring a wholesome and well-rounded experience through a webinar is to let your participants voice their opinions. Creating a feedback form lets them do that and gathers you extra insights that help you improve your brand offering even more.

The key to drive an early adoption is to let the conversations flowing even after the webinar is wrapped up. This helps build rapport and create engagement directly in your onboarding process. 

Have something in mind that you wish to try at your next onboarding webinar? Maybe a feedback mechanism or a survey form that will enhance your communication at the next webinar. At Yapsody, we’ve been maximizing sales for companies who wish to ensure an exceptional customer experience journey. Building a lasting impression is essential which is why direct-to-consumer sales solutions are solidified by our cutting-edge onboarding framework that works.


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