How Can Webinars Improve Your Onboarding & Sales Funnel


Set The Right Tone & Expectations


A webinar acts as an introductory passage to set expectations and outcomes. Yapsody has implemented strong sales generation & onboarding programs that help prospects enroll in the learning process directly.


Nurture Your Leads


A well-structured webinar with subject matter experts can help determine if a lead is Cold, Warm, or Hot. Nurture them so that they can be converted as a sale on the webinar or at a later stage.


Q&A Sessions


Introducing your clients to your product or service via webinars allows for query resolution. Webinars are quite effective here as they will clear instant product doubts and your clients are onboarded to your brand quickly.


Feature Demos & Service Requests


Demonstrating your features in detail through a webinar will also help your subject matter experts take feature requests and offer a workaround time for expecting a feature update to be rolled out.


Product & Service Use Cases


Take your prospects through product and service case studies to amplify your lead conversion rate. We deploy specialized SMEs who research your product and conduct on-demand webinars to demo its use cases.


Feedback Gathering


Creating a feedback form lets your participants voice their opinions and gathers extra insights that help you improve your brand offering even more.




The key to drive an early adoption is to let the conversations flowing even after the webinar is wrapped up. This helps build rapport and create engagement directly in your onboarding process.

We have been maximizing sales for companies who wish to ensure an exceptional customer experience journey. Building a lasting impression is essential and our on-demand webinars will help achieve exactly that solidified by our cutting-edge onboarding framework that works. Schedule a call with our experts to learn more.

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