Creating and Managing Events

Easier with our Event Management Features

Creating Events

Creating events is easy & quick with our robust features:

1. Box Office 2. Event Setup Wizard 3. General Admission 4. Reserved Seating

Box Office

Take total control of your shows timings, ticket quantities, performances and much more for the ultimate flexibility in revenue generation.

Event Setup Wizard

Just like waving a wand, our Event Setup Wizard helps you create events and sell tickets like a charm.

General Admission

Create and sell “Open for All” event tickets on a first come first serve basis with no reservations.

Reserved Seating

Give your attendees the freedom to reserve seats & sections based on their prefered ticket pricing.

Managing Events 

Managing events with ease using our robust features:

1. Inventory Management 2. Invite-Only Codes 3. Surveys & Questionnaires

Inventory Management

Manage your entire ticketing inventory and keep close tabs on the allocation and distribution of your tickets.

Invite-Only Codes

Maintain your event exclusivity & privacy by creating and sending Invite-Only codes to a selected few.

Surveys & Questionnaires

Use our surveys & questionnaires feature to gather pre-event preferences & post-event feedback.

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