New and Upcoming Features of Ticketing System

Email Marketing
  • Email Open rate
  • Email Click rate
  • Conversion Analytics
  • Send to existing customers or add email list
  • Generous daily send limits

Integrated Payment Processing
  • Just opt for a New Merchant account when setting up your first event and you are ready to go
  • Just create event and start selling

Private Label
  • Complete private label support
  • Add your own branding on online store, E-tickets
  • Run box office and online store on your own domain

Social Integration
  • Ticket purchasers can simply use existing social accounts for purchasing tickets
  • Faster and seemless ticket purchasing experience 

New Presenter App
  • Allows you to view reports, check in attendees and manage box office all from palm of your hand
  • Single app to include it all

Box Office Dashboard
  • Keep list of to-dos for your box office
  • Step by step guide to better marketing and box office tools to maximize revenue

Box Office Localisation
  • Use box office in your own language
  • Support for new language added every month