Unlimited Ticket Types

Fire up your imagination and create unlimited ticket types to suit your event and increase ticket sales instantly. Be it a club event or a live concert, create multiple ticket types to sell tickets with our super affordable online ticketing system.

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  • Create templates to fasten your event set up process. Manage all events on a single page.

  • You can add or delete unlimited events. Save time for recurring events by using the Copy Existing Event Feature.

  • Schedule your event sale start/end times to avoid manual set up for recurring events.

  • Planning a presale for your event tickets? Schedule the sale start/end time and sell tickets in advance.

  • Create holds to reserve tickets for your special guests.

  • Create multiple ticket types to give your attendees a wide choice to choose from.

  • Set scan times and scans per ticket. You can decide how many times you want to scan tickets, for example, once at entry and after an interval.

  • Preview your event for any errors before going live and finally, the last step, publish your event.

  • Setup your contact details to address any event related queries. For any of the technical queries, the Yapsody 24/7 Support team is available on chat to assist your ticket buyers.

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