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presenter spotlight Whitefire Theatre


Was the average number of tickets of ticket sold for their theatre on a yearly basis.


Monthly performances were organized for independent productions, classes, workshops, casting, and rehearsals.


Switched from Eventbrite to Yapsody exclusively for all their event ticketing requirements.


CSAT scores were maintained consistently ever since they joined us back in 2018.


Event ticketing features were highly-preferred by them which included Pricing, Reserved Seating, Mobile Apps, Online Ticket Store, Event Setup Wizard, and 24/7 Support.


Theatrical performances and events were organized in total for the last 2 years with an average monthly sale of 150+ tickets.

Whitefire Theatre
is a professional performance art theater located on Ventura Boulevard’s Restaurant Row in Sherman Oaks. They have been granting professional performance space for independent productions, intellectually stimulating classes, workshops, casting, and rehearsals.

Being an elementary monument in the Los Angeles theater landscape, they’ve made their online and offline mark through various shows and much recently through online live stream performances. Whitefire also does
Pay Per View as part of their 72-hour rentals
and various other
Solofest shows
. As part of their “The Best Of The Fest” campaign, many of their encore performances are now available on their Pay Per View platform.

Needless to say, their theater has accumulated rave reviews over the years for their stellar shows and quaint venue.




  • Founded in 1982, Whitefire Theatre is a professional performance art theater located on Ventura Boulevard’s Restaurant Row in Sherman Oaks.
  • The Whitefire Theatre has provided professional training in acting, hosting, new material development, comedy, and musical theatre for over 20 years.
  • Their instructors include prestigious professionals such as David Arquette, Fred Willard, Kimberly Jentzen, Mark Brunetz,  Moosie Drier, Mary Lou Belli, and Mark L. Walberg.
  • Several film and video projects also use the space, including Buena Vista Television making them a communal hallmark in the Los Angeles entertainment space.


PLAN: Regular Tier

“I found Yapsody several years ago and we’ve been using it exclusively since. I got the theatre onboard to Yapsody on just a few events. In April we started Live Streaming solo artist shows but had to use Eventbrite because they had “clickable links” in their ticketing email. We needed a way for our audiences to “click” on the video link for our Live Stream event. I put in the request in April. We needed a quick fix so we wound up using Eventbrite. A few weeks ago Yapsody let me know they made changes and after a few more tweaks on your end, we’ve switched from Eventbrite to Yapsody. I made requests to remove “print this and bring it to the venue” and the scan code…and it happened almost immediately. Once I showed the theatre owner and the other producers how Yapsody has changed to meet our needs, it was a no brainer to switch to Yapsody.”

Brandon Loeser, Whitefire Theater


This is what their management had to say – “The pricing is great but recently I would say it’s the customer support. The team has gone above and beyond. Saved money per ticket. Which saved our audience money. The ease of setting up an event is extremely valuable.”

Having used multiple ticketing platforms such as Brown Paper Tickets for a very long time, their management was not too keen on sudden changes. However, with the onset of COVID-19, they wanted a platform that would streamline their Live Stream Performances hence they used Eventbrite for a bit.

However, we made a few quick updates on our platform after which Whitefire Theatre made the decision of switching over from Eventbrite to Yapsody event ticketing platform exclusively.

Read more about their journey with Yapsody in this case study.

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