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presenter spotlight The Hope For Fertility Foundation


Event tickets were sold by their non-profit foundation since they joined us in 2018.


Event ticketing features were most-preferable among which Reserved Seating, Ticket Customization, and 24/7 Support really stood out.


CSAT scores were consistently maintained across every channel of communication with the event presenter whenever they required quick and valuable responses.


Rebate on their ticketing fees helped them manage their cash flow better making their extra savings significant for their daily operations.


Dependency on our customer support for any quick and valuable resolutions, making their event management a huge success.

The Hope for Fertility Foundation is a nonprofit organization in Utah. Established in 2016, Hope for Fertility was founded with a strong hope of raising infertility awareness and to help eligible couples offset the high costs of fertility treatments or adoption. It functions to bridge the gap between infertility to fertility while evoking a positive journey throughout. 


  • About one in eight couples across the United States deal with some form of infertility. They might appear to be normal couples, but what everyone doesn’t see is the internal struggle. Infertility can result in large amounts of debt and depression. One of the biggest roadblocks for them is IVF which costs $12,000 to $15,000, and most insurance companies do not cover infertility.
  • It gets difficult to find social groups where the people understand what you are going through; and, out of fear of judgment and ridicule, it is something that many do not talk about publicly. Many couples end up feeling alone and embarrassed to discuss their issues.
  • Having dealt with infertility themselves and having a first-hand understanding of the struggle couples go through, Chase and Tedi Palmer decided that they wanted to try and make a difference. In March 2016, during their second In Vitro Fertilization cycle, and with the help of some close friends, they started The Hope for Fertility Foundation.
  • It became a nonprofit organization whose purpose was to raise infertility awareness, provide financial support, and most importantly, bring hope back into the lives of couples who feel that there is none.
  • At The Hope for Fertility Foundation, their mission is: “To provide HOPE to couples struggling in their journey to creating or expanding their families, by helping them tell their story, by spreading infertility awareness, and providing financial assistance through grants and fundraisers.”


PLAN: Gold Tier

“What other companies sell as add-ons or enterprise-only features are standard with Yapsody. This tells me that Yapsody puts its customers first.”

-Chase Palmer, The Hope for Fertility Foundation


Yapsody combined the best of price and ticketing functionality for The Hope for Fertility Foundation.

Chase Palmer, presenter for Hope for Fertility says, “Many of the features we were looking for, like customized tickets and reserved seating, came at highly marked-up costs. We also couldn’t get any recognition as a nonprofit. Selling tickets was easy and checking them in at the event was quick and simple. We have received many comments from our guests that they really enjoyed our events and that the whole process was very professional. This was due in large part to Yapsody.”

Check out their case study here .

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