Pass On Fees

You decide who pays: You or your event attendees. Sell your tickets online for free using our “Pass On Fees” feature. Yapsody lets you pass on your ticketing fees to your attendees. That way, the ticketing cost you are charged is borne by your attendees along with the cost of the tickets. Since fees are added to the cost of the tickets, event ticketing becomes free for you.

Free events have always been and will continue to be – free with Yapsody! Use our interactive fees calculator and exactly know your revenue-generating potential from an event along with ticketing fees structure even before you set up an event. Let’s get started. Sign up now and Sell your first 50 tickets for free.

  • Pass on the Yapsody ticketing fees to your ticket buyers and sell your tickets for free. With our extremely low ticketing fee, your ticket buyers would not mind spending that tiny little surcharge to experience your awesome event!

  • Yapsody allows you to collect the ticketing fee from the customer. They pay the fee along with the ticket price. This way the fee you owe Yapsody is covered by your customers.
    Check out our pricing calculator to understand the pricing structure and your potential earnings in advance even before you set up your event!

  • Yapsody does not hold funds, so you can collect both the ticketing fee you were going to get charged along with the ticket price you set up. This will be deposited to your payment gateway account which is linked to your Yapsody account.

  • At the end of the month, when the invoice is generated, you pay Yapsody the ticketing fee that is already collected from your customers.

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