New Features

Email Preferences
  • Receiving Invoices and Transaction confirmations
  • Email preferences

    – Monthly Ticketing Newsletter
    – System Notifications
    – Event Promotional Tips
    – Important Reminders for my next event
    – Order confirmation from my attendees

Ticket Type Description
  • Ticket Description shall allow the presenters to describe about the ticket to the purchasers, for e.g. Only for adults, below 18, etc.
  • It can be anything based on the events and performances created by the presenters.

Yapsody - Questionnaires & Surveys

YapSurvey Updates
  • Multiple questions per page
  • ┬áMigrate all your attendees questionnaire automatically while switching to new online store
  • Performance improvement
  • Enhancement user experience

Facebook Pixel
  • Presenters can generate unique code via Facebook and we will give them a place to implement it on the website.
  • Presenter can track custom audience pixel for retargeting website visitors, and conversion pixels tracking for website such as sales.

SEO Customization
  • Presenters can customize SEO of the Event Page with SEO content.
  • Presenters can make effective reach on Google Search Engine of their Event via SEO Customization.

Postal/Zip Code Report

Among other reports, the presenters can now get the Report based on the postal/zip code of particular location.

Test Event Updates
  • Test events can be created with and tickets issued without incurring charges, that they can be used to create event templates, and anything else of interest to people

Event Setup Updates
  • E-ticket test print
  • Event page preview
  • Customize SEO of the Event Page with SEO content