MailChimp Integration With Yapsody

MailChimp Integration with Yapsody

Yapsody’s integration with MailChimp makes email marketing a simple process for event presenters to easily promote their events and reach out to a larger audience to increase your ticket sales.

Yapsody - MailChimp Benefits

MailChimp’s effective email marketing software acts as a platform for presenters to boost ticket sales with multiple features like creating your own audience and syncing your mailing lists.

Widen your reach and drive more attendees with Yapsody’s MailChimp email marketing integration.

All you need to do is add your MailChimp account information to Yapsody and start creating a list in MailChimp.

What Can You Do With MailChimp

The possibilities are endless with the Yapsody’s MailChimp integration. To start off, promote upcoming events, send invites and remind attendees about your event.

You can also send newsletters, targeted email campaigns and provide real-time updates to your attendees.

Use Yapsody’s effective email marketing strategies to let your attendees know about your event. Sell out your event and accelerate ticket sales with ease. Planning an event? Create your email campaign right away using Yapsody’s MailChimp integration.

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