Using The YapStats App On iOS & Android

At Yapsody, we’re constantly streamlining our end-to-end event ticketing processes. With everything available in the palm of your hands, the ability to track your ticket sales report, daily sales report, potential revenue, the revenue you earned should also be. With our YapStats app for iOS and Android, you get a fully functional event stats tracker.

Steps For Using The YapStats App

1. Install YapStats

Search for ‘Yapsody YapStats’ on the App Store and Google Play Store respectively to install it for free on your iOS and Android devices. 

YapStats - iOS                  YapStats - Android 

2. Login to Your Yapsody Account

After installing the app, log in to your Yapsody account.  

Login to Yapsody            Login To Yapsody

3. Select Event and View Reports

After logging in to your account, a list of Events will be displayed. Select the Event to view the report.

Select Your Event            Select Your Event

You will find your event stats for: 

  • Daily ticket sales
  • Total number of tickets sold
  • Total number of Un-issued tickets
  • Total number of complimentary tickets offered
  • The capacity of the event 
  • Comparison between Total Revenue earned and Potential revenue.

Event Stats - iOS                 Event Stats - Android           

You can view and keep a track of your Event Sales any time with the help of these stats.

Download the YapStats App here: 

iOS       Android

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