Checking Your Seating Manifest Report

The seating manifest report helps you determine the seat number, section, attendee name, purchaser name, and the scan date/time for all your scanned event tickets. It helps you locate the seats for your ticket buyers on the event day and post the event to check the scanning details.

Steps For Checking Your Seating Manifest Report

1. Select Your Event 

Log in to account and go to your Box Office to select that event whose seating manifest report you wish to check.

Select Event From Box Office

 Check on the right-hand side, you will see the event details with an option ‘Reports’. Click on the option ‘Reports’.

Event Reports

2. View Seating Manifest Report

Once you click on Reports you will see the complete ‘Event Sales Summary Report.’ Check on the top right-hand side for an option ‘View Seating Manifest’.

View Seating Manifest Report

Click on the option ‘Seating Manifest’ to view the report. Select the performance date from the filter options and click on Generate Report. You will be displayed the Seating Manifest report for the selected dates.

Seating Manifest Report Details

You can also export the complete Seating Manifest Report in a PDF and CSV format using the ‘Print PDF’ and ‘Print CSV’ option.

Learn more about viewing your consolidated inventory sales report.

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