Setting Up Widgets For Your Website & Social Media Platforms

Widget is a web page, smaller in size with details of your event and a CTA. It is generally placed on websites and social media channels to facilitate ticket sales. With Yapsody, you can set up widgets to redirect your ticket purchasers to your online ticket store and sell tickets easily.

Steps to Set Up Widgets

1. Choose Event 

Choose the event you want to share. The event details will be displayed on the right-hand side. Click on “Edit” at the top right-hand corner.


2. Choose Sharing Options 

Event Summary will be displayed to you with different tabs. Select “Marketing” where you’ll find 2 options to share your event.


 A. Text Link Widget

You can share your event details using the Text Link feature to share your Event details on Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.


Click on “Generate Code”. You will get an auto-generated code that can be shared via social networks where your ticket buyers will be re-directed to your store for purchasing tickets.

 B. Button Widget

You can share your event on your website using the Button Widget. Generate a source code which can easily be integrated into your website with a buy button.


Click on “Generate Code”. You will get an auto-generated code. You need to share the code with your Development Team to integrate the Button widget on your official site. Hyperlink with a message “Sell Tickets Online with Yapsody” will be created with your Button widget.

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