Installing Yapsody’s Event Calendar On Your Wix Website

Event organizers who operate through their Wix site can use the Yapsody Events Calendar” plugin to display their events in a Calendar view. On click of the event from the calendar, your ticket buyer will be redirected to the event page of the venue from where they could purchase tickets.

This plugin bridges the gap between the presenter’s Wix platform and their Yapsody Online Ticket Store to market their events on their website pages within a calendar. It dynamically displays events on the calendar as and when an event is added, updated or deleted in the Yapsody Box Office platform

Steps to Install Yapsody’s Event Calendar Plugin on Wix

1. Edit Your Template

Edit your template from the frontend and you’ll see a screen with the edit elements.


Click on the “Add” button from the left menu after which you will see the following screen.


2. Embed A Site 

After you click on the “More” tab you will see the above options like site search, embed, pay button, etc. Drag and drop the “Embed a site” element on your screen area as shown in the following screen.


3. Fetch Venue’s Event Data

For fetching your venue’s event data you need to enter the website URL for this element. The URL is “”

Here, “demo’ is a venue code of your account which is nothing but your online store without For example If your online store is then the URL would be “

4. Enter Website Address

Click on the “Enter Website Address” button.


After clicking on the button it will open the settings modal for it.


Choose “Website Address” and enter the URL under “What’s the website address?” Click on “Apply” & you will see the list of events with the Calendar.



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