Integrating WePay For Accepting Payments

WePay is an online service provider that enables secure, customized, and frictionless payments to businesses through its APIs. As an event presenter on Yapsody, you have the option to collect your ticket revenue through multiple payment gateways specific to your country. Following these steps will help you integrate the WePay Merchant account with Yapsody. 

Steps To Integrate WePay For Accepting Payments

1. Login to Yapsody

After logging in to your account, click on your account name and select the option ‘Settings’.


2. Choose Payment Method

Select the option ‘Accept Payments’ and click on the ‘Choose Payment Method’.


Select the option ‘Credit Card (Internal)’ from the drop-down menu. WePay will be the default payment gateway selected by the system.


3. Enter Account Details and Business Description

Your account information like Name, Account Email, and Business Name will be auto-populated. Click on ‘Edit information’ to update the information or edit it. You will also need to confirm your email address and enter your Business Description.


Click on the ‘Create Your WePay Account’ option. Once, you create your account, you can start your ticket sales. 


Confirm your email address on receiving a confirmation email from WePay on the Account Email address entered by you. 


You will need to link your Bank Account to your WePay account post confirming the email address. Your Account Email will be your login Id for your WePay account. Click on ‘Add Details’ and log in to your WePay account to add your ‘Personal Information’ and add ‘Bank Account details’ to your WePay account.



 WePay will check the details and verify the details entered by you. Once, your account verification is complete, you will be displayed a confirmation message in your Yapsody account.


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