Integrating PlugNPay For Accepting Payments

Plug’n Pay Technologies has been at the forefront of bringing secure, reliable e-Commerce solutions to businesses of all sizes and is leading the way in zero cost credit payment solutions. As an event presenter on Yapsody, you have the option to collect your ticket revenue through multiple payment gateways specific to your country. Following these steps will help you set up your PlugNPay payment gateway credentials.

Steps to Integrate PlugNPay For Accepting Payments

1. Create Your PlugNPay Account and Fetch Credentials

Contact the PlugnPay gateway provider to create your account. Post account creation, you will need five mandatory details mentioned below to integrate Plugnpay with Yapsody.

  • Merchant Name
  • Publisher Name
  • Publisher Password
  • Boxoffice Site Key
  • Online Store Site Key 

Below are the steps to find the Payment gateway credentials in Plugnpay gateway account: 

  • Merchant Name

The event presenter can set any merchant name of his choice. 

  • Publisher Name

The publisher’s name will be the username that you use to login to the PlugNPay payment gateway account. You need to enter this username in the ‘Publisher name’ textbox field shown in your Yapsody account.

  • Publisher Password

You can create a presenter Password by following the below steps in your Plugnpay payment gateway account:

  1. Log into the PlugNPay account.
  2. Click on Security Administration.
  3. Click on username password configuration.
  4. Click on Manage remote client password.
  5. Here you can enter a password of your choice or can generate a password from the system.

Now this ‘Publisher Password’ needs to be entered in the Publisher password field shown in your Yapsody account.


PlugNPay Username 


  • Box Office Site Key

You can generate a Box office Sitekey by following the below steps in your Plugnpay gateway account.

  1. Log into the PlugNPay account.
  2. Click on Security Administration.
  3. Click on Transaction security configuration as shown in the above 2nd screenshot.
  4. Search for the ‘Add Site Key’ option.
  5. Enter the Boxoffice URL ( in the Domain field and click on Add Site key.
  6. A Site key will be generated below, with the URL and the Site key against it.

You need to copy this Sitekey from your payment gateway account and paste it in the Yapsody Box office interface ‘Site key’ field shown in the Yapsody account.


  •  Online Store Site key:
  1. Follow the same steps used to generate the Box office Site key, just log into PlugnPay gateway account.
  2. Click on Security Administration.
  3. Click on Transaction security configuration.
  4. Search for ‘Add Site Key’ option. (Similar as Box office Site Key)
  5. Enter the Yap secure URL [] in the Domain field and click on Add site key.
  6. An Online Store Site Key will be generated besides the URL.

You need to copy this ‘Online Store Site key’ and enter it in the ‘Online Store Site key’ field shown in the Yapsody account. 

2. Add Your Credentials in Yapsody Account

In your Yapsody account, the ‘ PlugNPay ‘ payment gateway option is shown under ‘Credit Card’ drop down which is under the ‘Settings’ > ‘ Accept Payment ‘ tab. 

Plugnpay - Yapsody

Now after entering all the valid gateway credentials in Yapsody account as shown in the above screenshot, you can click on the ‘Test Transaction’ button to perform a test transaction with a valid credit card to check if the payment gateway is configured and working correctly for your Yapsody account.

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