Setting Up Combined Payment Collection Methods

Leave no barrier to collecting payments through different methods. With Yapsody, you can easily accept payments by setting up online and offline payment methods to collect your ticket revenue directly in your bank account. Your attendees can instantly book event tickets with our secure and flexible payment gateways across 60 countries while supporting 170+ currencies. With our combined payment method, a maximum of two payment methods can be combined for a single transaction.

Steps To Step Up Combined Payment Collection Methods 

1. Go To Settings

On the top left of your screen, there is a drop-down with the Account name, click on the drop-down and go to “Settings”.


2. Click on Transactions Tab

Click on the Transaction tab and under Miscellaneous Settings, select the option ‘Combine Payment Methods in Box Office’. You’ll be now able to combine maximum of two payment methods for a single transaction performed at Box Office. 


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