Adding And Editing User Permissions For Your Team

If you’re working with a team, you can assign roles to your team members based on their duties in the virtual box office. With this feature, you can protect sensitive data by providing access only to the information your team member will need. Only the account owner can add users to your Yapsody account and assign them different permission so that some can manage the box office ticketing, while some scanning and some others can manage the reporting. 

Steps to Add and Edit User Permissions 

1. Go to Settings 

Click on the Dropdown menu with the Account name and select ‘Settings’. 


Select the ‘User and Permission’ tab


 2. Add User  

You will see an option of ‘Add User’ on the top. Click on ‘Add User’ which will display a pop-up window. 


3. Select Permission Type

Now select the ‘Permission Type’ from the default permission types provided in the drop-down menu. Each permission types has default access depending on their respective tasks. 



4. Edit User Permissions 

You also have the option to provide limited access to Users. To edit the permissions click on the permission tab beside the ‘Personal Info’.


You can edit the permissions provided to the Users by check-marking the box beside the option.


You can even limit User access to specific events by clicking on the tab ‘Event Access’. Select the appropriate option and click on ‘Add’. 


After you click on ‘Add’, an invitation will be sent to the User on his email address mentioned in the ‘Personal Info’ tab. Once the new user accepts the invitation, they will be shown as ‘Active’ user in ‘User’s and Permission’ tab under ‘ Settings’.

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