Mobile Apps By Yapsody

In our constant endeavor to streamline existing ticketing processes, we’ve developed three mobile apps in-house to simplify ticket scanning & validation, data reporting, and ticket selling. Your event management team needs to have iOS or Android devices to use our apps YapScan, YapStats, and Yapsody POS (Point of Sale).

Overview of Mobile Apps By Yapsody

1. YapScan for iOS & Android 

With everything available in the palm of your hands, the ability to validate tickets should also be. With our YapScan ticket scanner on iOS and Android, you can scan and validate event tickets by: 

  • Photo scanning using the built-in camera
  • Laser scanning for quick entry with a compatible laser attachment
  • Searching attendee name
  • Searching ticket number

3.png              2.png  

All the data is synced in real time between your mobile devices and our servers to prevent the same ticket from being used at multiple entry points. Learn more about using the YapScan app on iOS & Android.  

2. YapStats for iOS & Android 

With our YapStats app on iOS and Android, you get a fully functional event stats tracker to track your ticket sales report, daily sales report, and potential revenue. Learn more about using the YapStats app on iOS & Android

5.png         5.png

3. Yapsody Point of Sale (POS) for iOS

With our Point of Sale app for iOS, you can turn your iPad into a mobile Box Office. It lets your event presenters issue tickets directly from your venue while your devices sync with our server for real-time ticket availability. Book_Hub_2.jpg

Large buttons and a single screen view allow for quicker transaction processing to handle large ticket buyer volume with minimized wait times. Learn more about using the Point of Sale (POS) app on iOS

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