Yapsody Pricing Overview

Yapsody is free for all event ticketing platform used by event presenters and hospitality enterprises worldwide. Our premium ticketing fee is very low and can be marked-up as extra revenue or passed on to your ticket buyers. There are absolutely no setup costs and monthly subscriptions involved. If the event is free, so is Yapsody ticketing which means no fee for “free entry” events. For new presenters, there are no fees for the first 50 tickets sold.


  1. General Admission & Reserved Seating
  2. Discounted Pricing Tiers
  3. Pass On Fees
  4. Use Calculator

1. General Admission & Reserved Seating

Both General Admission and Reserved Seating events have 2 fee components: (Fees vary by country)

  • A flat per-ticket fee (A few countries do not have the flat fee component)
  • A percentage of the net ticket price after discounts.

2. Discounted Pricing Tiers

Our regular pricing is already low compared to other event ticketing platforms.  Nevertheless, we also offer 3 discounted pricing tiers as part of our Loyalty Program.

  • Gold Tier Presenters avail up to 20% off on our regular pricing
  • Platinum Tier Presenters avail up to 40% off on our regular pricing
  • Elite Tier Presenters avail up to 60% off on our regular pricing

Discounted Pricing Tiers

3. Pass On Fees

Through our platform, you have the option to pass on the Yapsody ticketing fees to ticket buyers which they can pay with the ticket price while booking online tickets.

Yapsody Pricing

Yapsody does not hold funds, so you can collect both the ticketing fee you were going to get charged along with the ticket price you set up. This will be deposited to your payment gateway account which is linked to your Yapsody account.

Yapsody Invoice

When the invoice is generated invoice by the 2nd of each month , you pay Yapsody the ticketing fee that is already collected from your customers.

4. Use Calculator

Calculate Earnings

New to Yapsody, check out how our pricing works

  • Event Type
  • Capacity & Pricing
  • Fees

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