FLAT 50% Rebate For Non-Profits & NGO’s

Creating events translates to diverse people coming together, having a good time, bonding, and leaving the venue with a warm smile. At Yapsody, we recognize that non-profit entities exist for the betterment of the communities they serve. This is why our FLAT 50% rebate promises to serve and strengthen communities that are important to our presenters. So, if you are non-profit entity selling tickets on Yapsody, you qualify to receive a flat 50% rebate off your monthly invoice.

  1. About the Offer
  2. Accept Donations Feature
  3. Apply for a FLAT 50% Rebate

1. About the Offer

  • Event presenters on any Yapsody Pricing Tier are eligible for this offer, irrespective of whether it’s a General Admission or a Reserved Seating Event.
  • The rebate is not a fee discount that is applied on a ticket-by-ticket or event-by-event basis. It is automatically applied as a rebate to the monthly invoice upon being generated.
  • You won’t see it as a discount on your event reports as it will be displayed only on your final invoice. Consequently, if you have passed on the ticketing fee to your customers, you will end up retaining 50% of those fees as extra revenue.

2. Accept Donations Feature

Our “Accept Donations” which is specially designed for non-profit entities to be able to collect donations from their Online Ticket Store or Virtual Box Office.

Accept Donations Feature

3. Apply for a FLAT 50% Rebate

  • You can apply for the 50% Rebate by emailing us your request.
  • Attach official government documentation of your Non-profit organization’s status to support@yapsody.com and we will enable the offer.
  • Please include your telephone number in case we need to follow-up with you.

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