Estimate Your Event Earnings

Curious to learn the true revenue-generating potential of creating events and selling tickets with us? Get a glimpse of how much you could earn by estimating your event earnings even before you create your event. All you need to do is input your numbers in our Calculator to process your estimated earnings.

Using Our Calculator To Estimate Your Event Earnings

  1. Select Event Type
  2. Enter “Event Capacity” & “Per Ticket Price”
  3. Select Fees type
  4. Check Fees basis on your selection

Use Calculator directly on this page

1. Select Event Type

Select from either General Admission OR Reserved Seating and click on “Next.

Select Event Type

2. Enter “Event Capacity” & “Per Ticket Price”

Enter the estimated number for event attendees and the ticket pricing for your event. Change your currency by selecting from the drop-down just beside Calculate Earnings to the extreme right.

Estimated Event Attendees and Ticket Pricing

3. Select Fees Type

By choosing Pass On Fees, you can check the amount of the Yapsody Fees that will be passed on to the attendee in the form of Surcharge.

By choosing Absorb Fees, you can check the amount of the Yapsody fees that will be incurred by you whereas your attendee will be charged the ticket price only.

Select Fees type to calculate earnings

4. Check Fees basis on your selection

The Estimated Revenue of your event, as well as Estimated Yapsody Fees both, can be been seen post selection of Fees Type.

Check Estimated Earning

Now that you know the steps to use our calculator, learn more about your event estimates by using the calculator before signing up.

Calculate Earnings

New to Yapsody, check out how our pricing works

  • Event Type
  • Capacity & Pricing
  • Fees

What is your event type? Select any one.


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