Using Our FLAT 50% Rebate To Donate To Your Communities

Are you a non-profit entity looking to do your bit while maintaining social distancing? Out of all these front line workers and doctors, non-profit organizations and charitable institutions have opened up their hearts to donate to their communities in a time of need. You can use our FLAT 50% Rebate Offer to save up on your money during this critical period and still make a difference in the lives of those communities trying to overcome this pandemic. 

Here Are Few Ways to Use Our FLAT 50% Offer to Donate To Communities. 

1. Host Your Event Online 

One of the easiest ways to use Yapsody for collecting donations is by creating a web event with us. By hosting our fundraiser or charity online you can get people to register to your online event which could be an online auction. Learn more about Taking The Virtual Route For Hosting Events 

2. Accept Donations Online Through Our Accept Donations Button 

Being a non-profit entity, you’re eligible to receive our flat 50% rebate on your monthly invoice for any fundraising or charitable event you sell tickets for.  We also have a feature called “Accept Donations” which is specially designed for non-profit entities to be able to collect donations from their Online Ticket Store. It is applicable for presenters across all our pricing tiers, irrespective of whether it is a general admission or reserved seating event.

Here’s how you can start Accepting Donations from your Online Ticket Store

3. Donate To To COVID-19 Affected Communities 

As an event ticketing platform, we do not hold any funds from our event presenters and their events. Not only are you getting the entire revenue in your selected payment gateways, but you’re also saving up on the ticketing price with our Pass On fees feature. This way you can make sure to donate the maximum amount of money for the betterment of COVID affected communities. 

If you have any queries while setting up our online events, reach out to

We hope event organizers and concert managers all over the globe are taking the necessary social distancing protocols for their safety. The world needs more people who can bring communities together online during these unprecedented times. 

Stay tuned for more tips on handling the COVID situation and learn more through our COVID-19 Resources for Event Presenters.

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