Sharing Your Events on Social Media

We realize the power of social media and how it impacts your overall event marketing strategy. After creating your events, you can share it immediately on your social media platforms. You have the option to promote your events on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Steps to Share Your Events

1. Sharing Events on Facebook

Select the event you want to promote and click on Promote. Click on Social Media


You’ll get a pop-up displaying “Promote your event now!”


After you click on Share, you will be directed to your Facebook page. Add a brief event description in the “Say Something about this” section and click on “Post to Facebook“.


Your event will be shared and promoted on Facebook. When your ticket buyer clicks on the event post, they will land on your Online Ticket Store.


2. Sharing Events on Twitter 

Once you’ve shared that event on Facebook, follow the same process and click on the Tweet sign.


You’ll be directed to the Twitter page with the event details where you can add your brief description before tweeting it. 


Click on Tweet and your event will be shared through your Twitter. When your ticket buyer clicks on the tweet, they will land on your Online Ticket Store.  


3. Sharing Events on Pinterest 

After promoting your event on Facebook and Twitter, you can also share it on Pinterest. Click on the “Pin It” Icon. 


Enter your Credentials (Email and Password) and click on Login to choose an image and Create Pin by clicking on “Save.


After clicking on “Save“, click on Create Board to enter the details as per your preference and click on “Create” at the bottom of the page.  


 Now click on “See it Now” and your event advertisement will be published. Pin_5.jpg

Your event will be successfully shared on Pinterest. 


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