Choosing The Right Platform For Live Streaming Online Events

We, at Yapsody firmly believe in social distancing but not social isolation. Now that the global audience has collectively tuned into the internet for their daily entertainment needs, it’s time you took the virtual route for hosting events. 

If you haven’t postponed your events yet, you can get started with our  COVID-19 Event Postponement and Management Tips. Once you’ve successfully postponed your events and planned your communication around it, you can start hosting Different Types of Virtual Events to your bring your audience together online. For that, you also need the right platform to suit your live streaming needs. 

Here are a Few Platforms for Live Streaming Your Online Events

1. Facebook Live

Probably the most popular and highly cost-effective way for live streaming online events, Facebook Live has already seen a surge in usage from musicians, artists, and performers, to connect with their audiences during social distancing. Facebook not only prioritizes LIVE videos on the top of everyone’s feed, but they also send a notification to all your followers once you go LIVE and your online events can be easily shared once it’s finished. This solves the problem of having to market your event separately. With the live comment section, you can also address audience reactions and create a real, genuine way to connect with them. 

2. Instagram Live & IGTV

Another crowd-pleaser from the Facebook family, Instagram LIVE and IGTV are event presenters best friends during an event. With the current scenario we all are in, Instagram Live and IGTV are best utilized for streaming your events online. Be it live music sets, performances, or a pep talk, consider these as micro-moments which make up your entire event offering as a whole. The whole world is glued to their phones and this the right time as an event presenter to bring the world a little bit closer.  

3. YouTube Live

If your community is used to the old school favorite, YouTube, then it is a good platform to stream your live event online. Simple and easy to use, YouTube live streaming is advantageous from the SEO perspective as these live stream videos appear on top of search results, unlike other streaming platforms. While creating a web event on our platform, you can use our in-built SEO For Event Pages that make your event page rank higher organically. 

4. Zoom

Zoom has become the go-to platform for live streaming a meeting or a webinar. Have a team meeting or a college presentation that can’t go amiss? You can trust on Zoom to have everyone smoothly sail through each and every sentence clearly without disturbances. Hospitality enterprises looking for a sturdy system need not look further than Zoom for their live streaming efforts. 

5. WebX

One from the heavyweights from Cisco, WebX scores top marks for its sheer product offerings like pre-event support, live event support during video conferencing, chat polling, and Q&A. If you’re an event planner who hosts conferences and corporate events on the regular, this one is for you to take your upcoming event online. 

No matter whichever platform you use, you can easily create a web event for it and share the live streaming registration link through your Yapsody Online Ticket Store. You can choose to create a free event where you use it an opportunity to build your global event attendees list. 

Remember, you can choose to Pass On your ticketing fees to your attendees and take advantage of our credit period to save your money during this critical phase. 

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