COVID-19 Event Presenter’s Guide: Strategizing For The Future

If you’re thinking we’re in the endgames, you’re probably not wrong for being skeptical about the future of the event industry. However, with recent developments and updates around the world, it would seem that social distancing has been serving its purpose well of breaking the chain. Another positive approach leading the entertainment and hospitality industry is the quick adoption of using live streaming platforms to host online events, among many others. Without further ado, our event presenter’s guide will help you strategize better.

Here’s our COVID-19 event presenter’s guide to strategizing for the future: 

1. Create a Sustainable Plan

The need for a sustainable way of planning events and gatherings will pave the way for future event presenters and organizers. It’s crucial to keep a sustainable and eco-friendly plan of action ready once all of this passes safely. Remember, that there will be an added layer of safety and health regulations in place for event safety. Here are 3 Ways To Make Your Event More Sustainable

2. Renovate Your Venue

A well planned present means a good future for any business. Chances are that your venue is a ghost town for now. Take this time to revamp or renovate your venue that doesn’t require much external participation. 

3. Customize Your Event Pages

As soon as you sign up on Yapsody, you have the option to create TEST events that help you get a feel of our platform and a projection of your online event store and events. Take this social distancing time out to customize variations of your event page that will lure your audiences. Our event ticketing platform is fully functional online with 24/7 Support. 

“Remember, with Yapsody you can choose to Pass On your ticketing fees to your attendees while selling event tickets online to save your money during this critical phase.”

4. Target A Smaller Audience

It might be quite a bit of wait before anyone can go ahead and organize an actual on-ground event. But no one can stop you from studying and analyzing your event attendees for the future. Target a smaller audience when you host an event as a litmus test. This will help you quantify your sustainable plan of action and then amplify it to larger audiences.

5. Go The Virtual Way

If you’ve been following artists, musicians, and performers, you must’ve noticed how smartly they’ve been using LIVE stream to bring people together. As an event organizer, you can take the virtual route of different social media and live streaming platforms to bring people together in the comfort of their homes. If you haven’t already, learn how you can Take the Virtual Route For Hosting Your Events.

6. Work on Your Email Templates

Always waiting on the last minute approvals from your design and marketing teams? Well, now that you have an ample amount of time to sit back and relax, let your creative juices flow and make good uses of your time. With our Mailchimp integration, you can send email campaigns to 

7. Improve Your Pricing Strategy

Abstain from charging exorbitant prices for your event tickets. As an event organizer, it’s your responsibility to create a budget-friendly pricing model that everyone can afford. With our discount options feature, you can offer different types of discounts and create multiple ticket types based on the type of event and audience.

8. Elevate Your Marketing Strategy

The COVID-19 pandemic will inevitably leave a lot of businesses dry. Your marketing strategy might also need navigation into a more budget-friendly route. Avoid marketing aggressively too fast too soon and work on improving your organic marketing. Through our event ticketing platform, you can optimize your events to appear on top of search results and also make use of our premium event listing.

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