Enabling ‘Ticket Buyer Opt-In’ Feature For Your Marketing Emails

We realize how crucial it is to market your upcoming events and offers to your potential ticket buyers. By enabling opt-in for promotional and marketing emails, an option of “Presenter may notify me of special offers and events” would be checked, indicating your ticket buyers will to receive your marketing and promotional emails in accordance with all applicable laws globally, including anti-spam laws. 

Steps To Enable Opt-In Feature

1. Go To Settings

Login to your Yapsody account and hover the cursor on the account name at the top left and click on Settings. 

Go To Settings

Under the Account Settings page, to the left-hand side, click on “Transactions”

Go To Transactions

2. Enable Opt-In Feature

Now, scroll down until you see the option of “Enable opt-in for promotional and marketing emails as default”. Check/Uncheck the box in order to make the option default and make sure to save it. 

Enable Opt-In Feature

As soon as you click “Save“, the option of “Presenter may notify me of special offers and events” will be checked by default each time a ticket buyer reaches your checkout page however it wouldn’t be mandatory. Your ticket buyer can still uncheck the option before completing the transaction if they do not wish to receive any promotional emails. 

Receive Tickets

3. Access Customer List Report

In order to boost your business, our platform stores your ticket buyers’ data who opted in as well as opted out to receive promotional and marketing emails from you. In order to access the report, all you need to do is mouse hover on the account name at the top left and click “Customer List” from the list.

Now click “Filter Options” just below Customer Name.

Access customer list report

Refer to the last option of “Marketing Opt-in” on the following Pop-up and click “Opted-In” or “Opted Out” as per your requirement and click “Apply.”

Marketing opt-ins

Lastly, in order to view the details as per the option selected click “Generate Report” just below the “Filter Options.” 

Customer List Report


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