Adding Descriptions For Different Ticket Types

With Yapsody, you can add descriptions to different ticket types created by you. These descriptions make it easier for your ticket buyers to select the right ticket and make the purchase without having second thoughts about attending your events.

Steps To Add Descriptions for Different Ticket Types

1. Edit Your Event

Edit the event created by you to add descriptions for different ticket types.

Edit Your Event

2. Select Pricing  

You will find options such as Event Info, Pricing, Customize where you have to select Pricing.

Select Pricing

3. Add Ticket Types 

Click on the option “Add Ticket Type” to create different types of tickets. 

Add Ticket Types

4. Add Descriptions

You will get a pop-up window with options to name the ticket type, add a description and add pricing. Add the description and click on ‘Save’ at the bottom.

Add Description

The description added will be displayed on the ticket buying page while booking the tickets based on the type of seating.

General Admission Ticket type

Reserved Seating Ticket Type

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