Assigning Varied Pricing To Your Inventory

With Yapsody, you have the flexibility to assign varied pricing to your inventory. You can assign varied pricing to the several different sections of the seating in your venue, whether it is the VIP, the Regular or the Front Row.

Steps to Assign Varied Pricing To Your Inventory

1. By Assigning Colors to Seats 

You need to assign colors to seats to enable pricing for reserved seating. After you’ve added the desired number of rows and columns to your section, click on the option ‘Assign Colors’. 


Select the color you wish to assign for the seats for the particular section. You will have 3 options – Single Seat, Entire Row, and Entire Section.


Select any one option to Assign colors to seats. Multiple colors can be assigned in a section to different seats as per the pricing.

2. By Creating Multiple Ticket Types

You will see options like ‘ Billing, Pricing, Discounts, Surcharges, Taxes, and Access Code. Select the option ‘Add Ticket Type’ under Pricing.


You will get a pop-up window with options to name the Ticket Type and add the description for the ticket. Add different types of tickets that are best suited for your Reserved Seating event.


You can set the pricing for the tickets once you have added Ticket types. Click on the ‘ Enable ‘ button and mention the ticket prices for different tickets.


3. By Assigning Same Ticket Price To Multiple Performances 

You can copy the ticket pricing set for one performance and assign the same to all the performances of a particular event.


Click on the ‘Copy’ option beside the existing performance for which the pricing is added and select ‘Paste’ on the performance on which the same pricing needs to be assigned.


Same ticket prices will be added to all the multiple performances selected by you.


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