Making Questions Mandatory While Creating YAppSurvey

With YAppSurvey, you can create multiple logic-based surveys for your event attendees. You can create questions and add them to your YAppSurvey. While answering the survey, the upcoming question will depend on the answer provided for the previous question. 


However, when it actually comes to answering questionnaires and surveys, many event attendees would skip it. Being an event organizer we understand how important a survey can be for improving the overall event experience. Through YAppSurvey, you have the option of making it mandatory wherein your ticket buyers can checkout with tickets only after they’ve submitted answers to your survey questions. 

Steps For Making Questions Mandatory While Creating YAppSurvey

1. Go To YAppSurvey

Login to your account and hover on the account name at the top left and click “YAppSurvey” from the drop-down list. 


2. Create/Manage Questionnaire

 Now click on “Create/Manage Questionnaire” at the top just below the search option. 


Options such as “QUESTIONNAIRE BUILDER” and “QUESTION BANK” will be displayed to the Extreme Left just below the Yapsody Logo, where you need to click on “QUESTION BANK.” 


3. Edit Questions

You will see a list of questions that have been already added to the Question Bank, in order to make an existing question mandatory. Hover on that question until you see a PEN/Edit icon on the right-hand side.


Click the EDIT icon and then click “YES” for the following question “Changes done to the question will affect the questionnaires in your account and shared accounts which use this question. Do you want to continue?”


Now check the box before “Mandatory” and click on “Save” to make the question mandatory.


You can also make a New Question Mandatory while adding it to the list, all you need do is click on “Add New Question” at the top after clicking on “Question bank” and then check the box before “Mandatory” and click on “Save” to record the changes. 


To questions optional, uncheck the box before Mandatory and click Save to record the changes.

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