How To Use Yapsody For Creating A Virtual Event?

We hope you’re all settled in safely inside during these times. This goes without saying but we hope you’re following the necessary social distancing protocols also. Being in the event industry for decades, we realize how COVID-19 might be inflicting boredom for everyone who had made plans already for traveling and attending events all over the world. 

We, at Yapsody, have been firmly advocating the idea of social distancing without social isolation. Learn how  you too can bring the world a little closer by Using Social Distancing To Your Advantage During COVID-19

As an event organizer, you might be considering the virtual route for hosting events as this would be the right time to adopt online events. 

A Few Highlights That Work in Your Favor while Creating a Virtual Event with us: 

  • Your virtual venue is yours to choose from while Yapsody does the heavy lifting for your Online Event Creation, Event Registration, Ticket Pricing, Payment Gateway Setup, and Ticket Sales Reports. Choose from over 30+ Enterprise-Grade Features.
  • Use any video conferencing tool of your choice for hosting your online events. You might prefer WebEx or Zoom for an online conference whereas you might go for Facebook LIVE for weekly DJ live streams.
  • No matter what your choice of video streaming tool is, Yapsody remains flexible for your event ticketing and registration needs. 
  • Set up an invite-only access code using our free online event registration and management software for maintaining the exclusivity of your virtual event. 
  • You can choose to Pass On your ticketing fees to your attendees and take advantage of our credit period to save your money and manage business cash flows during this critical phase. 
  • Despite everything that is going on, our Yapsody team is working from home remotely to provide 24/7 support for all your event creation queries and live streaming guidance required for event presenters and their virtual event attendees. 

Before creating your virtual event with Yapsody, it’s crucial that you also learn more about Choosing The Right Platform for Live Streaming Online Events.  

Here Are The Steps for Creating a Virtual Event on Yapsody:

1. Sign Up or Login To Yapsody

Start by signing up or logging in to your Yapsody account to access our event creation dashboard.

Sign Up Or Login To Yapsody

2. Create Your Event

After you log into your Yapsody account successfully, you can hit the Create Event button on top and choose the General Admission event. You have to create a General Admission event if you wish to create a web event on Yapsody.

General Admission Event

3. Edit Your Online Event Details & Registration Links

This is the most important step while creating your virtual events. Change your event description with the appropriate details that will help your online event attendee to register without any hassle.

Update Virtual Event Details

Make sure to change your event location to a Web Event that will reflect on your Online Ticket Store and also the time zone that your event will adhere to. 

Include your online registration link that will help them register to your online conferencing platform or add your LIVE streaming/Social Media links where they can join in once you go live. 

4. Set Up Your Event’s  Start and End Time 

On saving the event descriptions, you will be able to change the online event date and time based on when you decide to go LIVE with your online event. Upon clicking on Performances, you will find all Performance’s scheduled for the event. 

Edit Virtual Event Performance

Upon getting a pop-up window of “Edit the Performance”, change the Start Date & Time and End Date & Time. Once you’ve edited out all the necessary details, you can share your event online again to garner registrations.

5. Customizing Your E-Ticket With The Meeting Link

While setting up your event, the meeting link and passcode can be added under the Terms & Conditions field of the E-ticket and under your event description it can be mentioned that online streaming event joining information is under the E-ticket. In this way, only those buying the tickets will get access to your virtual event in a smart manner.

Customize E-Ticket

6. Inform Your Guests

To increase awareness about your online event, we suggest using our Mailchimp integration to send an email informing your online attendees with the appropriate steps of registering for your virtual event and the steps they need to follow to join you online.

7. Send Event Invitation Codes From Your Video Conferencing Application

As a  presenter, you also have to send an invitation to your registered attendee from the third party application. The attendee will get an invitation email from the third party application which contains the meeting or live streaming information i.e meeting link, password, etc. through which they can log into your virtual event.

WebEx Virtual Event

We hope event organizers use this guide to create their virtual events smoothly and ride out this wave to adapt to the online event streaming landscape. It might a tough one for many but trust us that we can use this breakdown to break through and rise faster than ever before

If you have any queries while setting up your online events, reach out to

Learn more through our  COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Resources for Event Presenters

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