Changing Your Existing Event Images

An event image speaks volumes about your event persona and attracts the right kind of ticket buyers. It’s highly recommended to upload an image that is unique, inspiring, and fits our required resolution. So now you know how important an event image could be and you have the new image handy, let’s begin.

Steps to Change Your Existing Event Images

1. Select An Event 

Select the event from your Box Office Calendar and edit the event whose existing image you wish to change. Upon arriving on “Event Wizard Page” click on “Edit” just below Event Summary.

Edit Your Event

2. Delete Existing Image

Just beside the event description field, you will see the existing image. Click on the “X” sign and on the following pop-up click “Delete” to remove the image. 

Delete existing Image

3. Add New Event Image

Now click on “Add an Event Image” to select the new image from your system, crop the image as per your preference and lastly click on “Crop Image” to save the changed imaged to your event.

Add New event Image

Your event images should be in the range of Minimum dimension 320 pixels by 240 pixels and should not exceed the size of 2 MB.

Learn more about customizing your E-ticket.

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