Redeeming The Yapsody Promo Code For An Event

Keeping with the spirit of giving during the holiday season, we give out exclusive discounts for new and existing event presenters on our platform. These promo codes are valid on ticketing fees for selling event tickets online with us which can be redeemed while creating an event.

Steps For Redeeming The Yapsody Promo Code For An Event

1. Login to your Yapsody Account

Start by logging in to your Yapsody account. If you’re a new presenter, you can sign up with Yapsody first and then proceed to the next steps.

Sign Up With Yapsody

2. Click on Create Event

After logging in or signing up successfully, create an event on the dashboard.

Create An Event For Adding Promo Code

Select from a General Admission event or a Reserved Seating event.

Select The Type Of Event

3. Enter The Promo Code

Copy the code you have received from us and enter it in the promo code field shown below to verify it.

Enter The Promo Code

4. Terms and Conditions for Offers

  • This offer can be availed by both Existing and New Presenters on Yapsody.
  • The offer is applicable on a per Event basis on Yapsody Service Fees per Ticket.
  • Each event can avail only one promo code at a time.
  • The maximum discount that can be availed by the Presenter is only 25%.
  • To avail the offer, apply the Promo Code while creating each event during the offer period.
  • Existing presenters who are in our Loyalty Tiers can also use this offer if they apply the Promo Code while creating an event. However, it replaces existing Tier Discounts and associated benefits.
  • Once you avail of this offer, any existing offers applied to your event become null and void.
  • You can apply the code to existing events as well, but the discount will be applicable to the tickets sold after the code is applied.

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