Guide to Sell Event Tickets Online on Yapsody

With the right event ticketing partner, you can create an unforgettable experience for your attendees. Yapsody’s premium ticketing with incredibly low fees will help you save more and sell more. Let’s get started!
Create Your Event

1. Sign up and create your ticket store

Create your store with your brand colors and images and preview changes instantly.

Once you sign up on Yapsody, you get access to your virtual box office. The virtual box office is a dashboard that is used to perform tasks like scanning, ticketing and reporting. The best part is that you can assign a user within your organization to your Yapsody account and provide them different permissions as per your preference making it easy to plan your event better. This is where you create your online ticket store and list your upcoming events.

You can customize your store with your business name as a subdomain and showcase everything about your events, artists and the venue. Publish your event and enable attendees to purchase your tickets. Yapsody supports more than 15 languages and 170+ currencies. Select your currency and language according to your preference. To drive potential attendees to see your listing, create a short and interesting title. Using Yapsody’s SEO tool, you can optimize your title and add keywords to increase your store’s visibility.

2. Customize your ticket store

According to a study from 3M corporation, visuals are processed sixty thousand times faster than text. Therefore, we suggest you upload high-resolution images or create effective infographics by using tools such as Canva to add your content. Avoid using jargons and blurred images as that may hamper the attendee ticket purchasing experience.

Draw attention by creating an interesting event description that will drive more traffic to your event.  Include a brief introduction about your event along with event details like exact venue, duration and the ticket price. For example, if your event is a live music concert, you can give a brief introduction about the performing artists. In addition to that, if you’ve previously organized an event, share images or add social media feed to your store. This will give your event attendees an idea of what to expect.

When an event is published, store visitors may have queries about secondary aspects of the event like availability of food, parking and the likes. To address such queries, ensure you create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, where you can cover all the important information your attendees will need regarding the event. This will save both your and the attendee’s time. Make sure to mention the refund policy, as this is usually the most asked question to an event presenter. Transparency in your policy gives your attendees a sense of confidence to purchase tickets. For stronger identity and recognition, link your social media profile to the online ticket store.

3. Set up your Preferred Payment Gateway Merchant Account

A good payment gateway service is crucial in creating a seamless booking experience for your attendees.

Imagine if you had to pay or get paid for your event tickets with a sack of grains? Luckily you don’t. Buyers want a payment gateway that is consistently fast and mobile-friendly that will allow them to conveniently book your tickets in a click from anywhere. The payment gateway acts as a mediator(third party) between the merchant and the attendee enabling quick and easy transfer of payments. How do payment gateways work? When your attendees submit their card details, it securely passes their financial information from the attendee’s bank account to the merchant’s account. Payment gateways play an important role in authorizing and processing the online payments between the merchant and the attendee.

Yapsody supports multiple payment gateway options for more than 50 countries. Virtual box office allows attendees to combine multiple payment methods to pay for the transaction. (Example: An attendee can partly pay through Paypal and the balance by credit card.) Additionally, Yapsody’s online ticketing system allows attendees to buy tickets using their credit/debit cards easily from any location with the help of its secure payment gateway.

4. Promote your event

Every event is unique and requires a unique set of promotional techniques for publicity.

From building awareness to increasing online ticket sales, event promotion is the key. Using different marketing strategies and channels you can advertise your event and increase online ticket sales.

This can range from sending out emails and creating social media campaigns to traditional promotion methods like handing out flyers.

Yapsody’s online ticketing system gives you the ability to promote your events directly through our integrated email marketing app “MailChimp” and our multiple social sharing options – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn – we provide them all.

5: Real-time Sales Analytics

When you monitor your ticket sales statistics using real-time reporting data, you can customize your marketing strategies accordingly and sell more tickets online.

Yapsody’s mobile application “YapStats” provides real-time data regarding your online ticket sales so you can make quick changes to your event promotion techniques.

The event stats tracker gives you access to:

  • Daily ticket sales report
  • Total Ticket Sales report
  • Total Number of Complimentary Tickets Offered
  • Capacity of the Event
  • Comparison between Total Revenue Earned and Potential Revenue

The YapStats app visualizes your data into graphs and charts so you can easily grasp information about your ticket sales and make any changes you may have to. All you have to do is create an event using Yapsody and download the Yapsody YapStats App.  

With Yapsody’s fair pricing policy and easy to use features you can easily sell tickets online and boost ticket sales. Sell out your event with Yapsody today!

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