Event Setup Wizard

Setting up an event may seem complicated, if there are too many tasks involved. Easily create your events with our event setup wizard and sell your tickets online instantly.Our flexible online ticketing service enables event presenters to sell general admission tickets from their available quota or individually numbered seats from an onscreen reserved seating plan.
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  • Create templates to fasten your event set up process. Manage all events on a single page.

  • You can add or delete unlimited events. Save time for recurring events by using the Copy Existing Event Feature.

  • Schedule your event sale start/end times to avoid manual set up for recurring events.

  • Planning a presale for your event tickets? Schedule the sale start/end time and sell tickets in advance.

  • Create holds to reserve tickets for your special guests.

  • Create multiple ticket types to give your attendees a wide choice to choose from.

  • Set scan times and scans per ticket. You can decide how many times you want to scan tickets, for example, once at entry and after an interval.

  • Preview your event for any errors before going live and finally, the last step, publish your event.

  • Setup your contact details to address any event related queries. For any of the technical queries, the Yapsody 24/7 Support team is available on chat to assist your ticket buyers.

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