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Successful events don’t happen by magic. For a good turnout, you’ll need a solid strategy and marketing tools to promote your event. While you develop your best strategy, Yapsody’s online ticketing system provides you just the right tools and features you’d need to increase your reach and help you sell more tickets to your event.

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Facebook Pixel Tracking

Yapsody uses Facebook Pixel ID to track your store conversions. In a nutshell, the Pixel ID is a code that is placed on your online ticket store to track visitor activities and track conversions on your online ticket store.

Social media sharing

Yapsody understands the importance of promoting your events on social media platforms to get maximum coverage of your events to your attendees. Our online ticketing system gives you the ability to promote your events directly through our multiple social sharing options – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn – we provide them all.


With the seamless integration of Yapsody’s widgets, you can create buttons and text links and update them onto your website. Customize elements based on your requirements. You have multiple options to add text on buttons like “Buy Now” or “Register Now”.

Mailchimp Integration

Yapsody’s MailChimp integration lets you connect your attendee details to your accounts by syncing contacts from Yapsody into specific MailChimp lists.

WordPress Plugin

Yapsody’s WordPress plugin “Yapsody Events Calendar” makes the process of selling event tickets a breeze. This feature is available to presenters with a WordPress website. It displays events you have published on Yapsody onto your WordPress website in a calendar view. Once the event is selected from the calendar, the visitor is redirected to the online ticket store where they can purchase their tickets.

For more information on installing the plugin, click here.

SEO Optimization

Yapsody’s online ticketing system allows you to optimize your event way it should appear on Google Search. Using the right keywords, you can increase the traffic to your online store. The preview section shows you what your event will look like when someone searches for your event on Google.

Google Analytics Integration

At Yapsody, we provide on-demand Google Analytics integration which allows you to track sales conversions. If you want the easiest and reliable way to measure your marketing performance, it has to be Google Analytics (GA). Actually, scratch cheapest, GA is absolutely free. By integrating your Yapsody online ticket store with GA, you can easily figure out how much traffic each marketing channel is contributing to your sales and allocate future marketing budgets accordingly. Contact our technical support team with your Google Analytics id to request for this integration and you can expect a quick turnaround for the same.

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